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AdBrite InVideo Is Launching

I got a notification in my inbox this afternoon that AdBrite is launching their InVideo product. AdBrite is, of course, the ad marketplace founded by Philip Kaplan, famous for F-ckedCompany.com fame. A few weeks ago, I posted here about this new service which got mysteriously leaked to the blog community and no doubt generated some nice buzz for AdBrite. I signed up for their invite and I guess now they are opening it up. So, what do I think after giving it a try?

Not bad. Not bad at all. The player is clean and functional and the code looks to be easy to integrate. There are a few kickers, though, in my view:

  1. The ad coverage doesn’t yet seem to be that good because I got no ads to show up in my test. Perhaps its a little too dependent on my keywords I enter in the video title and description?
  2. The player is a little cumbersome to use in dynamic environments such as PCMechTV, where I use WordPress and the podPress plug-in to show our videos and podcasts. In order to use a video on AdBrite, you have to go enter the details of that video in your AdBrite account, then the code uses an ID number to reference the video. This is not very friendly in dynamic environments where it would be much eaiser to use PHP code (or some other language) to dynamically insert a path to an FLV file directly. So, really, the way this is now, this service is only good if you are manually copy/pasting code into a text field to insert your movies. Many of us use dynamic environments.

Other than that, this looks to be really nice. If they could simply provide a plug-and-play SWF player that I could dynamically point to different FLVs, that would be perfect. Not sure how feasible that is, though.

On a related note, I just did a quick test of ValueClick’s In-Stream video ads. Not very good. They use a huge mess of javascript code to embed a video. Loading the video is slow because its pulling all that javascript content. At times you think it is failing to load at all, then it magically appears after a few seconds. In addition, the size dimensions seem to be totally ignored because it seemed to pick its own dimensions for my videos, totally cutting off the outer edges. I know this service is very new for ValueClick so we need to give them time to get it right, but the current version just isn’t very good.

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