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In order to succeed as you build your online business, one of those skills you have to get good at (and will always be improving) is productivity. Getting more done in less time. In this episode, David shares 5 strategies he uses to get more done. He talks about how he structures his own day, and he also talks about some points of attitude that are successful to put yourself in the driver’s seat on how your most valuable resource is spent.

Recent Posts

TBP025: How Blogging For Money Has Changed

Blogging for money has changed alot over the last many years. This is something David has perspective on since he has been going along for the entire ride. In this episode, David talks about two other leading bloggers, both who have been doing this for almost as long, and their perspectives on how things have changed. Then, David gives his own take on what blogging for money looks like today – and what’s really required to make it work.

TBP024: 16 Years Is A Good Run… But I Quit

In this episode, David talks about why he has made the decision to walk away from the tech site (PCMECH.COM) which got him started in this business, and he has been operating for the last 16 years. It is a time to move forward. David gives the background and the thought process leading up to this… in his own words.

TBP023: 10 Ways To Fail With Your Online Business

In my years of helping bloggers monetize and build businesses, David has seen a host of common pitfalls. Unfortunately, too, I know that MOST people who embark on this journey won’t make it. Why is that? In this episode, David talks about 10 of the most common pitfalls that will ultimately lead to failure to build a business. Are you doing any of them? Listen and find out.

TBP022: Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Should Be Blogging. Here’s Why – And How.

Does a local “brick and mortar” business really need a blog? Should they be interested in online marketing? If you’re a plumber, a dentist, a chiropractor, a lawn service – whatever it is – should you be blogging and doing online marketing? This episode covers that issue – as well as many of the usual concerns of a small business thinking about their online marketing strategy.

TBP021: The A-to-Z Breakdown Of How I Make My Web Videos

We all know that video marketing is pretty important these days, but it can be a little mystifying (and frustrating) to iron down a process to actually make videos which don’t suck. In this episode, David breaks down his ENTIRE process for making video blog entries for the Blog Marketing Academy. He shares the setup, how get tracks ideas, his equipment, the process from beginning to end – and more. This episode is packed with a LOT of practical video tips.

TBP020: 5 Reasons Why Good Blogging Means You Might Have To Piss Off Your English Teacher

In school, we’re taught a lot of different rules about writing. We’re taught different formats, different rules, and all kinds of grammar rules. Well, the good news is that you can toss most of that out the window when it comes to your blogging. In this episode, David talks about 5 specific aspects of effective blogging that just might piss off your English teacher. If you want your blog posts to be more effective, or you want your blogging to take less time, then listen to this episode now.

TBP 019: 4 Indicators You’ve Chosen The Wrong Niche

Selecting a niche to blog in is perhaps one of the first decisions you will make. And it is a pretty important decision. Thing is, many bloggers have already been blogging in a particular niche for some time and they still have this nagging doubt about their market. Perhaps you’re there. Maybe you’re disappointed with the traction you’re getting with your blog and you wonder if you are just in the wrong niche. In this episode, we talk about the 4 indicators that you’ve hopped into the wrong niche for your blogging efforts.

TBP 018: The 5 Things People Will Pay The Most Money For

When it comes to making money as a blogger and online entrepreneur, we mostly think of information marketing. Thing is, the perceived value of information isn’t what it used to be. We live in a world today where information solely for the sake of itself is a really hard thing to sell – and the perceived value of it in some markets is heading toward zero. So, what will your prospects pay the most money for? In this episode, we talk about 5 different things that your prospects will spend the most money for. Add these into your products and you can make more money.

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