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How To Share Secure Logins With Your Virtual Assistant

This short video defines the process of sharing logins with your VA which would definitely make the job a lot easier for you.


I want to give you a quick piece of advice on how to share logins with your VA.

So, if you have a VA, well done, by the way, because VAs are very, very helpful for your business.

That being said, there’s always an issue of how you’re allowing the login to your accounts? And how secure do you need to be about the entire thing.

Now, I can tell you that in general, I’ve just shared many of my logins with my VAs and have absolutely no problem. You hire a good VA, you’re not really going to have a problem with that. If the server that they have to login to has the ability to have a different login for them, then, obviously I use that. But if not, like in the case of Aweber, for example; it’s still to this day does not have multiple logins to their accounts, I just have to give my VA my main account.

So, obviously, sending them emails is probably either you can do that, you can have a policy in that regard to maybe to copy it into a password manager and delete the emails, something like that, but at the end of the day, sending logins via email obviously opens up to some potential security risks.

The solution that you may have heard of and that I recommend for sharing is called LastPass. Now, LastPass is free, but one of the really cool things that you could do with it is you can share logins with other LastPass users. So what you’re actually going to do is have your VA sign up for LastPass, install it have your VA do the whole same thing that you would do and then any login that you want to share with them you could put them into LastPass and you’re going to have to specify to share it with your VA using their email address. And you could actually have a set up in such a way where they can basically use that login and they still won’t see what the password is. So it’s even more secure because they won’t actually know; they can’t record your password but yet, they could still use it to get into your accounts.

So, the solution is LastPass.com. I definitely recommend you check it out if you’re working with VAs and they need to get into your accounts to get things done and that’s what I’m using. I actually use one password on my Mac for my own self, but when I need to share something with my VA, I use LastPass for that and it works very well.

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