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How To Use Facebook to Market Your Blog

We all know Facebook is huge. Just how huge it is, though, is something to behold. The latest estimates I’ve heard is that Facebook is signing up around 450,000 new users – PER DAY. With those kinds of numbers, Facebook starts to stand out as one hell of a marketing opportunity.

If you are not active on Facebook, stop messing around and sign up. However, chances are you are on Facebook. Now, how do you use it as a blogger?

One of the great things about Facebook is that it is designed to go viral. Whenever one of your friends does something, you see it on your Facebook home feed. So, if you post a new note, your friends will see it. If somebody joins your fan page (see below), all their friends will see it.

Here are some steps you can take to promote your blog on Facebook.

1. Import Your New Posts

You can import your new blog posts into Facebook as “notes”. Essentially, this brings your blog content to Facebook. Your new posts will show up on your friends’ activity lists.

To set this up, just go to your Notes tab in your Facebook profile. Go to post a new note and you should see an option to “automatically import activity” to your profile. You’ll have it import from a blog/RSS feed and you’ll just plug into your blog’s RSS feed.

Facebook’s site has never been super intuitive, but with a little hunting you should find it.

2. Set up a Fan Page

Picture 4 Both of my blogs have fan pages set up on Facebook. You can visit the one for David Risley dot com right here.

Now, why did I set up a fan page? Is it because I’m some kind of egomaniac? Not exactly. It is because a fan page is yet another way for people to connect with you and/or your blog. Again, I import my posts into this fan page. In short, a little Facebook community can build up around your blog on Facebook.

To set up a page on Facebook, you need to visit the “Page Manager” which is found in the bottom menu of Facebook’s site. Click on the “Pages” tab, then “Create Page”.

The other thing about a fan page is that you can email your fans en mass. With normal Facebook friends, you cannot email them en mass. Last I checked, I believe you can only email 20 of your friends at a time.

3. Set up a Faebook Group

A group page is a very similar concept to a fan page, except that it is an independent group focused on some specific topic.

You can make the group about anything you want, but it would be recommended to make it related to your blog’s market in some way if you’re looking to market your site.

4. Facebook Videos

If you create videos for your blog, why not post them to Facebook, too? If your video has your blog’s URL in it (and it should), then that is even more exposure for your site.

Decide Your Approach

Facebook opens up fantastic marketing opportunities for people who are able to adapt to the new way of marketing.

But, you will need to make a decision on how you wish to approach it. Some people like to use Facebook only for personal connections. Others like to open it up to anybody even if they’ve never met.

I tend to use Facebook to connect with everybody, both friends, family and even my blog readers. But, if you don’t like opening up that much, you can always be friends only with hand-picked people and allow everybody to just become your fan if they are a reader of your blog.

However you do it, don’t discount Facebook. It will prove to be a huge mistake

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