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My Advice To People Using Empower Network About How To Use Social Media

After watching bloggers on the Empower Network doing it wrong on social media, I have some advice for them.


I have a little piece of advice for people who are using the Empower Network.

Now, I do not use the Empower Network. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t touch it for anything. It’s an MLM thing. But here’s the thing that really pisses me off about it… I don’t know if people are being taught this or if they’re just being lazy. But I’ve seen a lot of Empower Network people go out in the Social Media and they just spam their socialmedia.bar.com links all over the place. And every single time, it disguises its contents and then you go to it; it’s just laced with affiliate links to Empower Network. Obviously it’s annoying as hell.

And here’s the thing about it… it’s not so much if they’ve got affiliate links on there; I do the same thing. But they add no value to the communities that they’re posting them! Where I’m getting this from is the Google+ community that I run called Blogging For Business and fairly often I have people coming in there who are part of Empower Network and they just come in there and they link-drop and they run and I never see them again. Well, I’m not seeing them again because I ban them about as quickly as I possibly can. And basically I’m at a point now where I see that the link is from Socialmediabar, I ban them; they can’t come back to the group. Because that’s all they’re doing. I’ve not found one person who has actually added any value to the community before they link-drop. That’s all they do; they link-drop.

So, my advice, if you are on the Empower Network, that’s your choice. But do NOT just go out there and link-drop all over the internet. You’ve got to put value into it. It’s called creating content. It’s called social media. Be social. You don’t go out there and take a dump at somebody’s kitchen and then just ran off. That’s basically what you guys are doing right now. And it pisses me off to the point where I’m just banning everybody who has socialmediabar links on my Google+ community.

So anyway, that’s my advice to you if you are spamming the internet with socialmediabar.com. If you’re on the Empower Network, and I pissed you off with what I just said, well, just heed my advice and you won’t piss me off and then we’re cool! Alright?


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