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The LAB is the training library and support community of the Blog Marketing Academy. Everything is geared toward one, single purpose...

Helping YOU build a blog that fuels the life that YOU want to live.

Personal, Monthly Coaching With David

Affordable Coaching

Put a trusted expert advisor on your team - available to answer all your burning questions whenever you get stuck. Also includes planning, supervision and accountability.

Now 2 available options to fit any budget.

On-Demand Strategy Session Calls

Wanna Talk?

Now you can book one-time strategy sessions directly with David to discuss your business without any commitment to a longer term coaching program.

Book a call and let's meet. And together we'll cram as much into an hour as we can.

Business Building & S'mores

Live Workshops

Forget the big conferences with their multiple tracks, Powerpoints and overbearing crowds. 

We're going to meet in a more intimate, hands on and relaxed atmosphere... and make some real, tangible progress on your blog and online business.

Let Us Deal With The Tech Crap For You

Technical Support

Need help implementing things on your blog or getting things set up, but don't know who you can trust out there on Fiverr or Upwork? We got your back.

Here's how you can get Blog Marketing Academy to just take care of the tech for you.