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Screw You, Domain Renewal Group

Anybody who is in this business owns one or more domain names. In many cases our WHOIS records for our domains contain our contact info, including address. This allows companies like the Domain Renewal Group to fetch my information (or your’s) and send you a “renewal notice” for your domain.


The above is a scanned image I recently got for one of my domains. I have gotten MANY such notices from this company. Here is my problem with this:

  1. They purposely make it look like a bill. This is no doubt designed to get people to accidentally change their domain name to these guys from its current registrar. A lot of people (rather naively) pay bills quickly without truly looking it over. And I bet these guys have gotten a lot of new “customers” because the person thought it was a bill.
  2. Even seeing through the above, their pricing is ridiculously high. I can renew my domain far cheaper at GoDaddy. When you visit the company’s website, you see that $30/year will get you basic hosting, too. This is not clear on this promotion.

I find this kind of promotion deceiving. It is designed to hopefully fool people into changing their domain to these guys. As a guy who is trying to help others get into this business, people who may not be totally up to speed on how these things work, I hate to see companies like this seemingly trying to take advantage of them.

BTW, according to this blog post, this company also goes by the name of Domain Registry of America and Liberty Names of America. That’s probably correct because I’ve gotten mail pieces from these names as well.

Use a reputable domain registrar guys. I personally recommend GoDaddy.

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