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What Would You Like To See On The Podcast?

While I was in Las Vegas recently for New Media Expo, I had several people ask me about my podcast. They liked it. They wanted more.

I actually haven’t done a full-length episode of The Blog Program in some time. Instead, I’ve been doing the shorter “Audio Posts” podcast.

It comes down to time (as it often does). Making a point to put together the longer podcast was just difficult to fit into everything else I have going on.

But, excuses are for wussies. In 2013, systematizing things in my business is the name of the game. And, like other things, I can systematize things with regard to The Blog Program in order to be able to more regularly keep it up.

So, with that in mind….

What would you like to see me do on the podcast?

Do you prefer solo sessions where it is just me talking about a topic? Do you prefer interviews? A mix of both?

As for topics, what would you like to see me discuss?

As for interviews, who would you suggest I have on the show?

I know a lot of people who are in a similar business as I am, but for general feedback I’ve gotten, it seems as if you guys would like to hear from folks who you wouldn’t normally expect to hear from. People who are silently out there crushing it online, but not necessarily out there talking about it all the time. Am I right? Or do you like hearing from the usual suspects?

I know there are many other fantastic podcasts out there in my same general niche. There’s Smart Passive Income, Social Triggers, BlogCastFM, Rise to the Top… and that’s just a few. So, the question is… what would YOU need and want from me to add my podcast to the mix and not fall into the mix with some of those guys?

To answer me, just submit a comment below.

Oh, and just an FYI, I’m on a cruise as this post is going live. My assistant will monitor comments, and I’ll likely be periodically checking in from the expensive-ass cruise wifi. Point is… I WILL read every comment, and I’ll probably reply to you, too… but it might not be immediately. M’kay? Cool. :)

And, if you want to subscribe/ listen to prior podcast episodes, this page has all the details on how to do that.

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