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Why Do You Follow People on Twitter?

People follow others on Twitter for different reasons. But, every now and then I see a tweet that just makes me wonder why they follow people in the first place. And it is actually a bit frustrating.

Picture 15 What’s so frustrating? People who follow people only so that they’ll get followed back.

Now, I understand that this is very common. Most certainly, following others is a great way to connect and it is a lot harder to connect if they don’t follow you back. What really makes it frustrating, though, is when they’ll unfollow somebody BECAUSE they don’t follow you back.

Is it just me or does that completely kill the point of following to begin with?

When I see people use something like Friend or Follow to clean out their Twitter list, unfollowing people who don’t follow them, I just let off a big sigh.

I follow people because I am interested in them. Not because I’m looking to jack up my follower numbers. I don’t unfollow anybody if they don’t follow me.

Every day, I have people who follow me hoping that I’ll quickly follow them back. Most often, I don’t do that. It isn’t anything personal. It isn’t because I’m conceited and don’t care about you. It is only because, in my business, I am subject to a LOT of incoming information. Twitter can be total information overload if not managed correctly. So, in that light, I’m just a little choosy about who I follow. If we have any form of relationship at all, I’ll follow you.

Since I use Tweetdeck, I see all replies to me even if I don’t follow the person. So, any tweet sent @davidrisley I’m going to see. If you ask me to follow so you can send a DM, I will. But, auto-following is an abuse of Twitter, as far as I’m concerned.

So, this post is left open-ended. I’ve stated my piece and I’d like to hear from you. Even if you do follow for the follow-back, you can admit it and I will not tounge-lash you. :)

My questions:

  1. Do you follow people mostly because you want them to auto-follow you back?
  2. Do you unfollow people who don’t follow you back?

Please post a comment let us know.

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