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7 Tips For Blogging Your Way Out Of Your Full-Time Job

While there is a lot of great advice out there for how to start a blog and get it off the ground, there is one…

While there is a lot of great advice out there for how to start a blog and get it off the ground, there is one very simple truth about it – it takes time. Finding that time can be frustrating if you have a full-time job.

9to5 Niche Titans (obviously not their real name) posted a comment on this blog which stated:

My biggest challenge is my full time job. I work 84 hours every 2 weeks, and so that really limits my time. I am striving right now to work on my sites in my off time, but there’s only so much time before I have to go to work again.

Quitting the nine-to-five job is a huge step and one that is very hard to make. You want to get your online business off the ground. At the same time, though, you are so busy working your “regular job” that you have barely any time to work on your business. You can’t untie from the regular job because you’ve got bills to pay.

By being smart with your time, you can build up your online business while still working a full time job. Keep in mind, though, that at a certain point, you will need to quit and take the plunge. Stockpile some money if you can, develop a concrete plan of action, then quit.

I know it is hard to do and seems like you’re losing your security blanket. However, a lot of people have become really successful online when their ass was up against the wall. When they were deep in debt, had little money coming in and things looked bleak. Due to their high necessity level (failure really wasn’t an option), they did what they had to do. They made it go right.

So, that’s the long term outlook. Eventually, you’re going to have to make an uncomfortable move.

In the meantime, how do you begin to get some momentum in your online endeavors while having so little time to devote?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Write in batches. Learn to jot down ideas for blog posts whenever you may have them throughout your day. Then, in a structured time in the evening or over the weekend, sit down and write all of them.
  2. Good is good enough. Realize that your content needs to be related to your market, interesting and useful. It does not, though, need to be a novel. You don’t need to solve every problem of your readers in one post! Learn not to write long-winded posts and you can write more in one sitting.
  3. Start Your List Immediately. If you don’t have a mailing list yet, start it NOW. Start collecting subscribers. This will be an extremely important component to eventually being able to quit your full-time job.
  4. Consume Social Media in Batches, too. Social media sites can suck huge amounts of time. They are important elements to your marketing, yes, but don’t over-do it. I would recommend using Twitter throughout the day from work (perhaps via mobile phone or something). In the evening and on weekends, you segment a certain block of time for social media and commenting on other blogs. When that time is up, you stop and turn off ALL social media. Then is the time to start writing. Turn off the information overload and concentrate.
  5. Connect Your Social Media Profiles. Centralization saves time. I recommend using Twitter, then piping your tweets into your blog and Facebook automatically. Use Twitterfeed to pipe your posts into Twitter. Since so many sites now interface with Twitter, you can use that as your hub and post to most of your social profiles simultaneously from Twitter. Saves time.
  6. Get Busy Writing Reports and Information Products. It’ll take some dedicated work to write blog posts while also working on a product to sell, but don’t delay. The true power of problogging lies in creating and selling your own products. The quicker you get that off the ground, the quicker you will be able to quit your job and enjoy the fruits of an internet business.
  7. Think Continuity. I will talk more on this later, but membership sites are huge right now. Any blog can be turned into a membership site. With good content (which as a blogger you should be used to creating) and a little marketing, you can grow your site into a residual, monthly income stream that will eventually replace your full-time job.

So, what are your challenges to quitting your job? Are you taking any decisive action to eventually make all your money on the Internet? Please comment.

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