What’s Working Now – Secrets From The World Of Affiliate Niche Blogging

Last Updated on January 23, 2012  

How would you like to learn how to use simple little WordPress to literally deposit hundreds of dollars a day into your Clickbank account?

Did that sound…. spammy?


But, give me a minute. Because, what I have to tell you is indeed the real deal.

See, there are two ways to go with affiliate marketing as a blogger:

#1 – Build an authority blog and go big.

(This is the way I do it, and what I usually teach.)


#2 – Build an ARMY of smaller blogs targeting tight little niches.

Even though I don’t do this personally (yet), the truth is…

It DOES work.

It doesn’t involve you being an authority. In fact, often your name isn’t even attached to the sites you build.

I have a friend locally here in the Tampa Bay area who generates his income online in this way.

His name is Ryan Magin. He comes mostly from the fitness niche.

I knew Ryan before he started hitting in big with affiliate blogging. In fact, I remember him when he was selling a little DVD on BMX biking. We were meeting with a bunch of dudes at a Panera Bread and, in the middle of the meetup, Ryan excuses himself, goes outside, and does a live Ustream broadcast over Panera’s free wifi.

And he sold some stuff and made some money!

Today, Ustream doesn’t factor into what he does. Things are more automated now, and he’s scaled up like crazy.

But, that story shows… he’s a hustler. He does what it takes.

So, I’ve invited Ryan to come do a webinar with me. I want him to tell you more about what he does…

And how.

And, he sure does have an interesting story on how get got to this point. 😉

What’s Working Now – Secrets From The World Of Affiliate Niche Blogging
(click that to RSVP and save your spot)

On the webinar you will learn…

  • What makes a super affiliate and how to think to succeed as an affiliate marketer in todays ever changing IM world
  • How to find proper money making keywords that will make you sales for year to come.
  • Simple SEO tricks that will have your sites ranking in Google in no time flat
  • A little known secret that all super affiliates do to cash in from affiliate products daily (most fail at this miserably)

I even convinced Ryan to do A live Q & A at the end of the call to help you guys start profiting today from your blogs.

Make sure you sign up for this webinar.

Even if you don’t know if you’ll be available when we do it live, be sure to RSVP since I’ll be making sure to give you guys priority to the recording.

One more time…

What’s Working Now – Secrets From The World Of Affiliate Niche Blogging
(click that to RSVP and save your spot)

See ya there.


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  • BloodyGoodGames says:

    I have a friend who runs more than 500 affiliate blogs (heaven knows when she finds time to update them all, LOL), all niche blogs, and she makes a phenomenal amount of money every month.

    I only run a few, a couple very successful, some I’m just building, but I tend to be more of the “big” type like you. I think I’d go nuts if I was maintaining hundreds!

  • executive gifts says:

    David, Is it possible to join this even you are not in the US? Please clarify because just like the others I am not in the USA.. Thanks for the future replies.

    • David Risley says:

      Yes, it is a webinar. It can be attended from anywhere.

  • custom items says:

    Hi David, I am interested but i live in the Philippines, I wish I can also attend Ryan Magin’s event.  I will go to the US next month and I will try to attend when I m there.

  • Karen Willey says:

    What if you do not know anything about blogging. How do we know what to blog about? How do we find out what people are interested in ?

    • David Risley says:

      You can learn because it isn’t hard. Sites like this one can easily show you how to blog. But, also, realize that the model that Ryan is going to be talking about on the webinar is very different than what I do. It takes writing, but not with the same process that I would do it here on this site.

  • Marta Daniels says:

    Cool beans! I registered, can’t wait! God bless!

    • David Risley says:

      See ya there, Marta. 🙂

  • Justin Mazza says:

    This sounds awesome David, I am already signed up to attend.

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