Affiliate Program

Refer Your Audience To Any Of Our Courses, Workshops, Or LAB Membership...Earn Money For Anything They Buy In The 12 Months

As an affiliate for the Blog Marketing Academy, you can refer your people to the LAB membership, any individual course, any workshop... even any blog post or free download... and you will automatically get 25% of any purchase they make on this site for the next 12 months.

25% Commission Per Purchase
25% Recurring Commissions

If you are a LAB member, a 25% commission means all members can refer 4 new members and it will cover the cost of your own membership. Essentially, this is how you can earn a free membership!

Affiliate Support

You'll get personal assistance with your promotions from us... plus get any questions you have answered personally.

Big Commission

We offer a 25% commission on all purchases you refer. Whatever they pay, you'll get 25% of it. Not bad!

Recurring Commissions

You'll even get 25% of all recurring transactions, so refer new monthly members and you'll get 25% every month.

Low Payment Threshold

We'll begin paying you as soon as your commissions reach $25. And all payments are via Paypal.


You'll be able to keep track of the performance of your promotions, including sales and traffic.

Custom Links

Create an affiliate link to any page on our site (even free lead magnets and blog posts). If they ever buy anything, you'll get paid.

How To Get Started

You must be a registered member of our site first in order to become an affiliate. Then, when you are inside our LAB portal, just click on "Affiliate Center" to begin activating your affiliate account. You'll enter a few details and then submit to us for review. Once approved, you will be able to manage your referrals right inside your account.

It is important that you know how you intend to promote the Blog Marketing Academy. As part of the application, you will be asked about your intentions. We will also look to check if you have a way to promote us already (a website, email list, Youtube channel, etc.). Lastly, we will check to see if what you are doing is related to us. In other words, we don't want you to send us traffic that is just highly unlikely to care about what we do. That wastes everybody's time.

Also, please review the following rules for our affiliate program...

Affiliate Program Rules

  • You are not allowed to use any form of spam to promote our products.
  • You are not allowed to use Pay per click advertising to bid on brand keywords. This includes "Blog Marketing Academy", "David Risley" or any variation of our product names.
  • You are not allowed to claim that any of our products or promotional materials were authored by yourself. You may not do anything to impersonate the Blog Marketing Academy brand or personnel.
  • You are not allowed to buy stuff through your own affiliate link. The system won't allow it, but if we see one getting through, we'll remove the commission and may ban your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do You Send Commissions?

We pay out once per month via Paypal for any approved commissions generated. You also need to have met the payment threshold of $25 for payment to be sent. When a commission is generated, it is held as "pending" for 30 days in order to accommodate for our refund period. If 30 days goes by and there have been no refunds, the commission is approved and will be paid on the next monthly payment period.

Why Wasn't I Approved As An Affiliate?

In order to ensure the integrity of this program, all affiliates have to go through a manual approval process. If your account isn't approved, potential reasons may include:

  1. Your profile is incomplete (i.e. missing website URL).
  2. We judge that your website is a poor fit.

If you get an email about a declined affiliate application, feel free to contact us and we'll assist you directly.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved?

We try to take care of it 48 hours, although since it is a manual process, sometimes it may take a little longer.

How Do These Offers Convert?

The conversion rate of a landing page depends on many factors including the quality of the traffic, any pre-sales material that the affiliate has launched, the person behind the promotion that's being made... and so on.

Because of this, questions such as "What's the EPC for your landing page?" are counter productive. Truth is, some affiliates could send us thousands of visitors without a single conversion while others may convert very well. Most of what affects conversion will be determined by YOU.

We are happy to work with you on your situation and suggest ways to improve conversions for your referral traffic.

What sales will I be rewarded for?

When you refer somebody to the Blog Marketing Academy using any of your affiliate links, you will be credited with any purchase they make - now or anytime within 12 months of referral. Even if they buy a completely different product a few months after you referred them, you'll still be credited for it.

What is the cookie duration?

1 year. This means that when you refer somebody to the Academy, you will get credit for anything they buy within a one-year period. This is not to be confused with recurring memberships. You will get credit for any recurring members for as long as they remain a member.

Why wasn't I credited with a sale?

If a person uses your affiliate link to make a sale and you don't get the commission for it, one of 2 things may have happened:

  1. The person might have used a link on your site which was not actually tagged with your affiliate ID. For instance, you linked to us directly and not using your affiliate link.
  2. Another affiliate might have been credited first in the customer's browser. Our tracking system uses a first come first serve basis. The first affiliate link clicked will get the referral, even if other affiliate links are clicked after it. Since our cookies have a one-year duration, your client might still have another affiliate's tracking cookie active.

If you feel like there has been a tracking error, reach out to us and we can take care of the issue for you. We will review the order manually and if we can fairly reliably determine it came from you, we can manually assign the commission to your account.

Do you offer special promotions, coupon codes, or discounts?

Any such things will be determined on a per-affiliate basis, depending on your site, your audience size, etc. Always feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do.

We do have the ability to offer unique coupon codes, unique bonuses and other promotional items for affiliates. It does, however, take additional time to set up. So, it would be on a case by case basis. Definitely reach out!

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