Why I Switched Away From Aweber After Years Of Awesome Service [PODCAST]

After years with Aweber, I made the switch to Office AutoPilot. In this podcast, I explain the 8 factors in my Aweber vs Office AutoPilot breakdown.

david_podcast_300It takes certain tools to run an online business, and there are choices that need to be made.

In this episode of The Blog Program, I get into some of the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty details of what makes an online business tick.

Specifically, we’ll be talking about email marketing, and why after YEARS of working with Aweber, I decided to switch away from it and make the move to Office AutoPilot (aka Ontraport).

This was a pretty big move for me, and one which isn’t going to be applicable to everybody in my audience. However, this episode will be a good one for those of you who…

  • Are running established online businesses and find yourself getting frustrated with some of the limitations of your current software, and feel you’re leaving money on the table because of it. OR…
  • You’re still fairly new, but are still interested in some of the considerations that go into an online business as it grows.

This episode covers such topics as:

  • Why I’ve been recommending Aweber over Mailchimp for my readers
  • 8 different reasons why I decided to switch from Aweber to Office AutoPilot (aka Ontraport)
  • What the #1 most important asset of your business is
  • Some of the “holes” you may have in your business while using a traditional email marketing service like Mailchimp or Aweber.

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About David Risley
David Risley is the founder of the Blog Marketing Academy, a 20-year veteran blogger and online entrepreneur. His focus? Building a reliable, recurring business around his "lifestyle" and the lives of his students. He has this weird obsession with traveling in his motorhome around the country with his wife and 2 kids. David also likes to talk about himself in the third person. In bios like this one. Read his full story.
  • Amir Anzur says:


    Great advanced marketing tips!

    As I’m teaching out in the Eastern world (Middle East/Africa etc) I found that I end up teaching people to use WordPress, with Woo commerce and Mailchimp as any barriers e.g. even $19 per month prevented people from actually trying it. So no shopify, nanacast, aweber etc as they won’t be able to setup otherwise.

    This means they can start becoming a webpreneur while spending less than $30 per year (includes hosting, domain and the rest are free to begin with). They would have site, shopping cart, email marketing.

    As you say what you are talking about is advanced level though and hope to upgrade at some point!


  • Swift says:

    Hi David! Great audio! Any thoughts on GetResponse?

  • >