Behind The Scenes Update, My Screw-Ups, What’s Coming Next…

After a long time NOT being behind the camera, I decided I am long overdue to get back into doing some videos. In this one, I give a general update on what’s going on behind the scenes at the Blog Marketing Academy – and some things I mighta screwed up on.

Today, I wanted to jump in front of the camera (its been WAY too long) and talk about some of what’s happening behind the scenes at the Blog Marketing Academy. In this video, I talk about…

  • Some little personal updates
  • Some of the “holes” I’m fixing around the Academy
  • My plans regarding my videos and the podcast
  • Some potential thoughts on shifting my product offerings
  • Probably one of my biggest screw-ups as a business owner
  • A request to give me your feedback 🙂

Coming to you from my home office, here I am (about 24 pounds lighter than my last public video):

The Survey

After you have watched the video, I’d love to invite you to fill out the survey that I mentioned at the end of that video. Your feedback is INVALUABLE to me.

Thanks in advance,



  1. I like that you are rethinking BMA. It is great to see your process and perhaps worthy of a blog post so that others might feel OK with not having things all together.

    Keep up the good work David. It is interesting to watch the changes over time!

  2. Hey David,

    Glad to hear that the video blog and podcast will be back! I listened to your podcast previously and then I stopped because, well, you stopped. But it’s okay, things happen and I get that.

    I also feel you on the failures, man. I actually just blogged about my failure with some YouTube advertising recently and after I got some feedback from my readers, I posted an explanation as to WHY I blog about failure.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, love what you’re doing!

    1. Thanks, Ron. 🙂

      Its funny, after I talked to the lady I mentioned in the video (from New Zealand), I got an outside perspective on this video. And perhaps the video gave off the impression that I’m sitting around lamenting my failures.

      Not at all! I’m super excited about what’s coming up. I honestly think that re-evaluation is natural as one has been in a space for as long as I have. And that’s the way I look at it… I’m kinda putting a fresh eye on what I’ve been doing around here and looking at it from the bird’s eye view… and will make some changes.

      The other thing is that… ALL online entrepreneurs try things that don’t work. It is part of the game. So, perhaps the fact I mentioned some of it gave off an odd impression. The way I look at it, anybody who says that every single thing they touch turns to gold… is lying. 😉

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