TBP 014: My Big Entrepreneurial Lesson From 2013

In this episode, David comes back from never-neverland with episode 14 – ironic way to begin the new year 2014. David discussed his biggest business takeaway from 2013. He discusses what went WRONG in 2013, how he got stuck in “survival mode” throughout the year, and the huge aha moment which led him to realize how business really is an art form.


In this episode, David comes back from never, neverland with Episode 14 of The Blog Program.

‘Bout. Damn. Time. 🙂

Actually, this was a decision I made while I was in Las Vegas recently, for the New Media Expo. While I can’t remember exactly how many years I’ve been going there, it has to be at least my FIFTH time attending this conference. And I can tell you…

Never before have I seen so many podcasters.

Not only that, but many of my acquaintances in the business who were not podcasting are now… podcasting. Lewis Howes is now podcasting. Amy Porterfield is now podcasting. Pat Flynn is going to be starting a second DAILY podcast. Jason and Jeremy from Internet Business Mastery are flirting with the idea of a daily show (at least judging from a recent survey they ran).

Listening to Cliff Ravenscraft and John Lee Dumas talk about their podcasting and trends also has me convinced that I’d be an IDIOT not to get regular about my own show.

And, so it is. 🙂

And, we usher in 2014 with episode #14. A dose of irony, there.

In this episode, I talk about my biggest takeaway from the year 2013. In this one, I talk about:

  • What its like having been in this business for 15 years.
  • What went WRONG in 2013.
  • The moment I had an “aha moment” which brought this lesson to mind.
  • How business is like an art form
  • How this lesson translates into ALL areas of our lives, including relationships, diets, and all of our goals.

I also start off this episode singing a little bit of Britney Spears. So, there’s that. 😉

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