Top 5 Most Common Blog Setup Mistakes – Solved On Video


In my travels around the blogosphere – and in helping others perfect their blogs – I see a certain set of problems fairly consistently. And, people like my routinely give advice on fixing them.

But, there’s a problem…

In many, many cases, the blogger simply doesn’t know HOW to fix it. It is a technical matter and they’re not a programmer. Chances are, YOU are not a programmer. And, it can often seem like you have to be in order to handle these things.

So, what I thought I would do is select a certain block of really common design/setup mistakes I see – and solve them in the form of a video.

I’m going to do this to help get into the spirit of The Tech Workshop… which is my online workshop series where I specifically work with people to get them over the technical constraints to growing their online business. I’m going to be holding a couple of brand new tech help sessions next week for students of the Tech Workshop… so now is an awesome time to join us. πŸ™‚

OK, let’s get going here…

How To Stop Displaying Full Posts On The Homepage

Many blogs, by default, will display the latest posts on the homepage in full form. Meaning, the entire post is displayed on the homepage. And, since people often list several posts on the homepage, the amount of text is just INSANE. And, from a marketing perspective, that’s bad news.

Let’s fix it.

How To Stop Social Media Buttons From Appearing Multiple Times On The Homepage

OK, same basic deal as above. Social media buttons – often a lot of them – are displayed on the homepage. And, being that a lot of people use plug-ins to put these buttons on their blogs, the plug-in just tacks the buttons onto every post. And, it loops – over and over again – on the homepage. Really had news.

So, let’s handle that…

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How To Insert An Opt-In Form Beneath Your Blog Posts

Many people fail to include an opt-in form in one of the best spots on their blogs – beneath their posts. They have an opt-in on their sidebar and that’s because they know how to use a text widget to include it. But, without widgets for under the posts, many are at a loss on how to include the opt-in form under the post.

So, let’s handle that right now, shall we? πŸ™‚

How To Have A Logo On Your Blog

Many brand new bloggers don’t have logos on their blogs. They only have the title of their blog, in text form, sitting at the top of their sites.

The reasons could be technical, or it could be because they don’t know how to get a logo done. Or both.

Well, let’s talk about that…

How To Control What Appears In Your Navigation Menu

Some blog owners have navigation menus which just make people go cross-eyed. There are just way too many manu items. Thing is, some blog owners simply don’t know how to control it. In some cases, it is a problem with the way the theme is setup.

Anyway, let’s address this…

The Genesis Framework

As you can see in these videos, many things are made much easier when you’re using the Genesis Framework.

I would definitely recommend you check it out for your own blog. Also, mentioned in these videos were a couple of Genesis-specific plug-ins:

Enroll In The Tech Workshop – And Let’s Get Specific

There are many common mistakes I see out there – and many not so common ones.

In many cases, the problems people are having out there require solutions which are rather specific to the themes they’re using. In many cases, people have specific need and they don’t know how to make it technically happen.

That’s why I created The Tech Workshop.

This workshop series is ideal for those of you who WANT to do things yourself, who don’t want to pay a programmer or a designer, but yet need a helping hand to help give you some control.

I would like for you to click this link and check out The Tech Workshop for yourself. See if it is the right fit for you, and if you think I could help you alleviate the technical constraints holding you back with your blogging efforts.

I’ve got a couple of fresh help sessions coming up for the workshop, and before the first one, you have an opportunity to sign up for the Workshop and save 40% on your enrollment fee.

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  1. Yep, that’s me….don’t know how to do a couple of things so I do nothing. Oh, well. My loss. You know, like how to put a button on my blog that will take you to my replicated website….can only sell my company’s product through the replicated site.

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