Business Skills

We're not just building a blog around here. We're building a business. And that means that you are (or will be) a business owner. And that comes with certain needed skills.

For that reason, part of what you will find at the Blog Marketing Academy is content (and training) aimed at how to manage a business, be productive, and be an effective entrepreneur. We're always learning.

84 Lessons From 20 Years As An Online Entrepreneur (Updated)

A summary of 84 lessons that I have learned over the course of 20 years as an online entrepreneur, through highs and lows, and different businesses.

84 Lessons From 20 Years As An Online Entrepreneur (Updated)

What To Focus On: A Simple, Numerical System For Ranking Your Ideas And Figuring Out What To Do, When

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What To Focus On: A Simple, Numerical System For Ranking Your Ideas And Figuring Out What To Do, When

Business Owner Skills

There are certain personal skills that definitely come into play as an entrepreneur. You need to be able to manage yourself before you can manage your business. This can include matters of mindset, how you manage your time, and personal development.

Business Management

When you're building a business, you're really building a system. A system that has some of the requirements of a bigger business... even if it doesn't seem that way at first. So, even if you're building up a side hustle, being able to manage your business like a CEO is very important.

The Often Forgotten But Vital Components Of Your Success...

It is all too easy to get so focused on the latest strategies and tactics, and the latest whiz-bang tools, that we forget the bigger picture. That is that...

We're building a business here. And somebody has to run it. That somebody is most likely you. And if you don't have the skills and discipline to manage both yourself and that business, things can go off the rails.

In many ways, it is easier to have a regular job. Somebody else is the responsible one. You're told where to be and when... and what to do while you're there. You've got that threat of losing your job hanging over your head, so therefore you do it and the paycheck comes.

Running your own business is a pretty different affair. Now, you're in charge. You make all the decisions. Nobody is going to be sitting there threatening to fire you if you drop the ball.

The irony of it is that most business owners quickly realize that in order to actually succeed, you have to impose some of the structure of a job on yourself. You need to set policies. You need to have guidelines, procedures and systems.

There are 2 areas where this is really important:

#1 - Ability To Manage Yourself

Owning your own business and being your own boss can be very rewarding, but it can also be a path to nowhere if you can't manage yourself.

You're the one driving the ship. So, if you're driving it like a crazy person, it's going to crash. 🙂 If you permit yourself to go in a thousand directions at once, or get side-tracked by shiny objects, or get lazy and watch Netflix all day, nobody is going to stop you but your business suffers.

So, mindset is important. Setting up systems to manage your schedule and your time is important. It is not surprising that many successful business owners are also into self improvement and personal development as well.

These kinds of skills are easily underrated. But, are very important.

#2 - Ability To Manage A Business

Every business - even a business of one - has different "hats". Different roles that must be done - even if they're all being done by the same person.

And one of those roles is that of an Executive.

The word "Executive" has the root word of "execute". The executive is the one who makes plans and then sees to it that those plans become reality. 

An executive also designs the systems to ensure things are executed in a way which works. Processes are created and then he/she sees to it that they are followed. This might sound like "big boy" stuff that only applies to organizations with staff, but no... it applies just the same to a soloprenuer. You might be the one wearing all the hats, but they must all be worn (just not at the same time).

This is what gives things structure. It is what allows orderly expansion and growth. The alternative is to simply fly by the seat of your pants, chasing one tactic after another simply because you read it in some blog post somewhere.

Take The Time To Level Up

If you really want to make it, you cannot just launch right into blogging, building funnels, and all the sexy stuff. You also need to take the time to level up on your entrepreneurial skills.

That includes managing your business and designing a business that actually works.

That also includes managing YOU. Because you're the founder and you need to have your head in the game and be managing yourself as the resource you are.

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