This Is Not Your Typical Camtasia Vs Screenflow Review (Hint: I Got A Refund)

After years of using Screenflow on the Mac, I decided to test out Camtasia for screen recording on Windows. It did not go according to plan.


  1. I’ve tried lots of different recording/editing software including Camtasia. I now use Screencast-o-matic. Don’t be put off by the 90’s name, or the cheap price. It works on mac and pc (I use on mac). I like the stripped down editor – I don’t need all the features of something like Camtasia, but best of all is the tight integration between the screen/webcam recorder and the editor. Plus uploading to vimeo, youtube etc is built in. It’s a little slow in the rendering but that doesn’t get in the way of producing short videos. I’ve recently ditched Vimeo in favour of screencast’s own hosting which I prefer over Vimeo’s clunky UI. It seems to stream just as well and has a nice player.

    1. The recording isn’t the issue. I can do that with OBS, too. It is finding a good option for both recording and editing in one streamlined app. I can (and have) recorded from the PC with OBS. And you’ve seen me live stream from it. But, finding the same kind of workflow as I have with Screenflow has proven very difficult on Windows so far.

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