Blog Transformation Challenge

30dbtc_product_500This is a FREE 30-day training course, courtesy of the Blog Monetization Lab and the Blog Marketing Academy, to help you TRANSFORM your blog by perfecting your writing, optimizing your design, and learning how to optimize the marketing funnel from your blog. Then, the money can flow.

You will receive 30 actionable video lessons – none of them too long – which will cover strategies such as:

  • How to organize your blogging ideas so you don’t get overwhelmed, or worse – forget them.
  • What Oprah can teach you about how to run your blog.
  • How to craft headlines which bring in your reader’s attention like a vacuum cleaner.
  • 5 Solid rules of good blog writing (which might piss off your English teacher)
  • How to discover your “unique selling proposition”, to stand out in the crowd.
  • How the colors you use in your blog’s design can affect its effectiveness
  • A simple strategy for gaining traffic using your existing blog post
  • How the letter “F” has everything to do with how you design your blog.

There are No Strings Attached

You can watch this entire 30-day video course below without even opting in. Just scroll down and watch all of the videos in the embedded playlist.

You can opt-in in order to download the videos and the transcripts for your future reference, but that is totally optional.

Why I Created The Challenge

The 30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge was originally recorded about 3 years ago as an opt-in offer. This was even before this site was called the Blog Marketing Academy (it was back then). Originally, you had to opt-in to get it and, with that setup, I have had many thousands of people go through the full course.

Later, I re-published the course on, and I’ve had over 9,000 people go through the course over there the last time I checked it.

I have other ways to build my email list today. So, I figured… why ask for an opt-in for this anymore? So, I have decided to open the whole thing up.

The feedback from this training has been just awesome. But, I’ve gotten a lot better at it since then. 🙂 And everything that I’ve done can now be found inside the Blog Monetization Lab. So, this 30 Day Challenge? Its now wide open. 🙂

Short On Time?
Download The Whole Course!

If you’d like to download the whole course, including all of the videos and audios, all the transcripts in PDF format, and other additional learning material, then click the button below and tell me where to email you the download links.

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