Changes To The Home Office For Better Video Blogging

Transcript Hey there, David Risley here of Blog Marketing Academy with the ultimate “selfie”. 🙂 Actually, I’m just holding my camera straight up, I wanted…


Hey there, David Risley here of Blog Marketing Academy with the ultimate “selfie”. 🙂

Actually, I’m just holding my camera straight up, I wanted to do a new video blog because I just put the Video Blog page back up on; realized I hadn’t posted a video for quite sometime, and I wanted to go and get something fresh up there.

So, basically, what I’m going to show you; I’m going to pull the camera around, I’m going to show you what I’ve done and that is, I’ve re-done my office a little bit so that I can actually make better videos here from my home office.

So, let me pop the camera around here…

Okay, so I’m back near the door and I’m just checking out the wide view. Now, basically what you see there is my desk. I put it all on one wall. It used to be there, if you can see the indentation where the chair used to be and the indentation on the floor there. It’s all been moved over there and got the video lights up, things like that.

And I’ll come over here and I’ll show you why I’ve done that.

This is why… Now, this is about as wide as I can zoom. But basically, my plan is to have a long view of this room, have the video wide set up, eventually take that picture down and put a video back draft of some kind on that wall and be able to do some decent video inside this office. That’s the one thing I’ve always been missing with the desk where it was, is that it’s really hard to situate the camera in here, and get any halfway decent viewpoint. So, that’s what I’ve got there. I’ve got these 2 lights; I’ve got one down here that’s in the bag. So, that one may make its way out if I find that I have a need for three of them. And that’s kind of what I’m doing.

Now, the other thing is, the TV has been brought down. I don’t watch a lot of TV here in the office but the reason I have that is, I can occasionally turn something on, use it for YouTube… But the other thing is, it’s low enough now where I can sight over here next to the TV, and actually run slides or show anything that I want on the television. And kind of where this light is, right around here; I can actually stand right there and have that presentation running alongside of me. Now, obviously if I were to do something like that I would set up lights over there so it would actually be lit up properly.

The other thing that I’ve done, and I can’t show it to you because I just got it, is I’ve actually purchased a Sennheiser wireless lapel mic system so that I can have some better audio. Right now, I’m just using the built-in mic on my camera which is not that great and in fact you may have heard the lens grinding around a little bit at the beginning of this video. So, all that will go away. But that should be really cool and basically the whole thing is going to be set up in such a way where I can crank up videos from the tripods here, really, really quickly and do it right here from my home office. So, I think it will be a lot more fun and make the video blog a lot more interesting.

Alright, that’s pretty much it! I’ll talk to you guys later.


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