For Those Needing More Personal Guidance And Accountability To Build Their Online Business

Having access to an online business coach is valuable for everybody who is building and growing an online business.

And it shouldn't be limited to people who are willing to pay 4-figure monthly fees. No maxed out credit cards here. Let me show you how it works...

Sometimes, our biggest barrier to success is ourselves.

Having an experienced outside perspective can put you over the edge.

The standard Lab membership gives access to quite a bit. It includes the entire course library, the Live Workshops, the Office Hours, the Community Forum, and more. I've designed the Lab to offer as complete a solution as I can while keeping the price accessible.

But, over the last couple of years, I've noticed that some members need and want more.

Even with the support resources available in The Lab, some members still find themselves... going off the rails. Life gets in the way and things distract them. Sometimes they get paralyzed by analysis. Things feel overwhelming and you still get confused on what direction to go, what to work on next, and where to best spend your time. 

Sometimes, even with the training in the Lab, members still wonder if they're doing it right. If they're concentrating on the right thing, at the right time.

The Lab, with all of it's resources, is still a rather do-it-yourself solution. Multiple support resources are there, but it is up to you to use them. Not everybody does, for various reasons.

Sometimes, we simply need more accountability... and something more proactive.

This universe is designed to work in pairs. For energy to flow, two terminals are necessary. You just look at the basics of electronics to see that is true. But, we can look even in human relations and we see it is true as well. We can only do so much when we're alone. When we're in partnership with another, the energy flows.

Building and growing an online business is a pretty big project. It is tough enough as it is, but it is made much harder when you're going it alone. Putting another on your "team" can make all the difference.

It can mean:

  • Have a second set of eyes to see things from a perspective other than your own
  • Have somebody to hold you accountable
  • Have somebody to proactively reach out and keep you on track
  • Have somebody help you determine what's really important and what to work on
  • Have somebody to help debug problems that come up so that you can keep moving.

I wanted to have a solution to this issue for my members. It was important to me to have a solution which was affordable while also respecting my lifestyle. After all, my members know I like to go camping alot. :)

What I came up with is... Lab Platinum.

How Lab Platinum Works

When you upgrade your LAB membership with Platinum Coaching, you will get:

  • Full access to the Coaching Portal with direct, ongoing access to me (David)
  • An initial discovery call with me so that we can plot your path forward
  • A personalized program accessible 24/7 inside your coaching portal.
  • Personalized goal setting and guidance as you progress on your project.
  • ​Personal accountability through proactive check-ins to help keep our eye on the ball and keep things moving.
  • Personal assistance to deal with any issues which may arise

In short, we will kick things off with our discovery call. On that call, I will learn where things stand, what you're looking to accomplish, and determine the best path forward. I will then create a personalized program which you will be able to access inside your coaching portal at any time. It is like I'm writing a blog post, just for you to read, about YOUR business.

From then on, you will be checking in with me via ongoing status reports as well as email conversations. All of it is managed within your coaching portal in the LAB.

If at any time, you need to talk to me by phone again, you can purchase that call with me at the normal rates and we'll make it happen.

"No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand."

- Napoleon Hill

Affordable Coaching Without The BS Tricks

I've heard my share of horror stories from people who have grossly overpaid for coaching, only to end up feeling like they barely received anything in return.

I've heard the stories from people who have paid coaches 4-figure monthly fees... sometimes even with coaching contracts that attempt to keep you tied to them for extended time periods. To be honest, these coaches might claim to be doing that for you and to ensure your commitment... but the reality is they are doing that to ensure their own revenue.

There's quite the movement out there in the "internet marketing" world toward high-ticket offers. There are "gurus" who teach how you should be charging $3k, $5... even $10k for your offers. They've got all kinds of justifications for that. And to be sure, there are indeed coaches who are VERY good at what they do and indeed can and do over-deliver on the value of those kinds of prices. However, most do not.

And there are, unfortunately, far too many posers out there who aren't very good at what they do, are parroting off what they read in books or blog posts, and then turn around and charge you high-ticket prices for their "expertise" more as a positioning play than any sincere goal of providing that level of service to you.

It is unethical... and I won't play the game.

So, I'm offering coaching quite differently.

First off, there are no coaching contracts here. No shenanigans. This is literally an add-on to your existing LAB membership. If you're on the monthly option, you can cancel it anytime right inside your account.

Secondly, my goal is to make this accessible for "normal people". I believe it is unethical to trap people into high-ticket contracts for coaching. Having access to a coach as you build your online business is valuable for everybody and it shouldn't be limited to people who can afford 4-figure fees each month, or people who are willing to max out a credit card. That's just horrible.

So, to make things affordable, I just structure the program in such a way that I can scale it. This is an email-based program, aside from our initial discovery call. We will communicate via the coaching portal and email. I make every point to reply back to all clients within 48 hours max (often faster). And if you'd like to talk by phone, you can purchase that call separately at normal rates.

Choose The Coaching Option That Works Best For You:

Both options are add-ons for your existing LAB membership. Whatever billing arrangement you currently have for your LAB membership will be unaffected and you will be able to manage your coaching access separately.


You will be automatically billed each month
 until you choose to discontinue. You are in control and there are no contracts.





One Year

Add one year of coaching to your existing membership. This option does not auto-renew. You will have the option to continue at the same rate for another year, if you choose.



The "Fine Print"

How does this differ from the access we have as a regular LAB member?

Can I cancel anytime?

Can I downgrade back to a regular Lab membership if I choose?

Is there a refund policy?

Will you do the work for me?

What if I need to talk to you?

What will be required of me?

How often will we be interacting and how quickly do you reply?

Online Business Coaching For Normal People

No 4-figure monthly rates. No dishonest coaching contracts. Just affordable business coaching on affordable terms.

Choose the coaching option that makes the most sense for you right now.


You will be automatically billed each month
 until you choose to discontinue. You are in control and there are no contracts.





One Year

Add one year of coaching to your existing membership. This option does not auto-renew. You will have the option to continue at the same rate for another year, if you choose.