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7 Tips For Turning A Service Offer Into A Product And Scaling (Episode #160)
In this episode of Coffee Break, I'm talking specifically to people who run service businesses. We'll be discussing 7 specific strategies to begin executing so that you can begin to scale a time-based business.
6 Reasons Why You Should Be Accepting Bitcoin In Your Online Business (Episode #159)
Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that is most definitely growing in use and value. In this episode, we discuss the currency and why I believe business owners should get out ahead of the curve and begin accepting Bitcoin payments in their business.
7 Reasons NOT To Use A Facebook Group For Your Membership Site (Episode 158)
In this episode of Coffee Break Blogging, I share with you 7 specific reasons why I decided, after a couple years of having my member community on Facebook, I switched to a privately hosted forum for our Lab Community.
Top 10 Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog (Episode #157)
In this episode of Coffee Break Blogging, we dive into the world of blog promotion yet again... this time covering the top 10 most effective strategies for promoting your blog.
The Return Of The Podcast (Episode #156)
In this informal episode of Coffee Break Blogging - and the first episode in some 6 months - I cover the question of... What happened?
How Long Does It Take To Make Your Blog Profitable? (My Answer To This Common Question)
How long does it take to make a blog profitable? How long does it take to reach a certain income level? I get asked alot... and here's my full answer.