Be On A First Name Basis With Your Web Guy

I’m David Risley. I’m here to make your WordPress site purr like a kitten, and make everything simpler.

No language issues with offshore teams. No micromanagement. No wading through lists of freelancers you don’t know, wondering who you can trust.

Instead, just friendly competence to help you build and maintain your WordPress-powered membership site & business platform. By somebody who has been doing it for over 20 years.

How would it be if you were on a first name basis with your “web guy”? To always know who to go to when you need help with your website?

Have you felt like you’re flying blind when it comes to managing your WordPress site?

When issues come up, you wish you had somebody who knows what they’re doing who could just take a look at it for you and talk to you like a regular person.

Or to have somebody that you can trust who could just make sure everything runs smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it. Good hosting, proper security practices… and you can just… not worry about it.

Or… you’re trying to build your dream site. But, you end up in the weeds researching plugins and themes. It can be frustrating figuring out what you should use. It can also be frustrating feeling like you’re always being asked to pay some monthly or annual licensing cost and you don’t even know yet whether it is worth it.

Plus, there’s the risks of building a concoction of plugins that don’t even work very well together. Where you’ve built a real frankenstein site where you feel like pieces of it are held together with duct tape. And there’s weird glitches going on and you can’t figure out why.

WordPress is an awesome platform. It excels for businesses. It is also awesome for people who want to own their own site and not feel “stuck” with some third-party provider. But, at the same time, with great power comes responsibility.

When I decided to begin offer Concierge services to clients, I didn’t want just another WordPress care plan. The market has a lot of those already. They just update plugins and run some basic software on your site and call it a day.

My intention is to provide a “one stop shop”. Where I can utilize the best hosting, the best services, the best plugins and themes… and basically help run my clients’ sites just like I run my own. Not only that, I want to provide something that truly feels like a WordPress CONCIERGE.

Best experience I have ever had with the digital technical world.

Working with David on my membership site has the best experience I have ever had with the digital technical world. He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk with and a great listener. Very capable and always ready to find the best solution. This is the best investment I have made in my business. Do not hesitate to sign up.
Cynthia Howard
Work Smart Consulting

Concierge Services For WordPress

I’m here to help you plan, build & manage your WordPress website.

Building Membership Sites

You can have a membership site that fits your specific needs, including videos, courses, document library, custom post types and more.

Developing Brand New Sites

Need a site build from scratch? You provide the content and the branding and I’ll handle the rest. Or I can just support you why you do it. Up to you.

Updating & Modifying Existing Sites

Need changes to the theme? New features & functionality on an existing site? Yep, I do that all that all the time.

Sales Funnels & WooCommerce

Need help with your online store? Need sales funnels, checkout funnels, and after-the-sale automations working as intended? You know I do that, too.

Website Migrations

Migrating to another host, dealing with email setup, DNS changes and other site launch support tasks.

Marketing Automation & Support

Need in-depth marketing automations, working with third-party services, and other workflow design? I do that, too.

Maintenance, Fixes & Updates

Keeping things updated and working, debugging when they don’t, fixing hacked sites, plugin configuration. Yep, I got it under control.

Strategy & Consulting

Helping you choose the best options for you and make the best technical decisions for your specific projects and budget.

Clients Get The Following…

Total Site Maintenance

I’ll take care of all the updates for you on a weekly basis. That includes all themes, plugins and Wordpress core. We also use visual testing and personal visits to your site to ensure nothing breaks on updates. And if it does, I’ll fix it for you.

Unlimited “First Name Basis” Support

Got questions? Hit a snag? Got a site problem and can’t figure out what’s happening? Just ask me. I’ll help you personally. Just shoot me an email. I’ll answer you there, record a quick video if needed, or just fix it.

Malware Protection & Firewall

Your site gets a safety net. Daily malware scans and immediate fix if any is detected. You’ll also get an integrated web application firewall… serving as a shield between your server and hackers/bots.

Daily Off-Site Backups

Yes, your web host keeps backups. But, you don’t want to blindly trust them. I’ll ensure your site is backed up and we can store those backups securely in the cloud. BlogVault daily backups are included. I’ll take care of it for you.

Access To Concierge Toolkit

Save money on subscription and support fees and get access to a bundle of thoroughly tested plugins for building and managing your site. Your site will be built using the highest quality software – without the hassle of multiple subscription fees. See the current toolkit.

Anytime Credits Discount

If you need any project work or ANY direct help with your site that goes beyond the scope of your plan, you get an automatic discount on all purchases of Anytime Credits. Credits can be used for development work or 1-on-1 calls anytime.

Fully Managed Hosting

Put your site in good hands with powerful hosting. No need to have your own hosting bill – I’ll pay for it. I’ll also deal with all the hosting headaches so you don’t even need to worry about it. Powerful, cloud-based hosting included.

Email Deliverability

Using something like FluentCRM to power your email list? Not only can I provide that system for you, but I can also power your outgoing email service and set it up for you. Powered by PostMark with some of the best delivery rates in the industry.

Hosting Support

Let me handle whatever comes up with your hosting, so you’re not left alone figuring out some stupid cPanel, DNS settings, or stuck in a live chat from hell. I’ll deal with your host and handle the nerdy stuff for you.

Performance Maintenance

WordPress sites need certain core maintenance actions done to maintain performance. This can include deleting spam comments, post revisions, database optimization, etc. Includes routine performance audits and maintenance.

ONEPass Membership Included

A ONEPass membership to Blog Marketing Academy is included… giving you access to all courses, all tutorials, all training videos as they are released do you can also be self-empowered with your site as a DIYer. If you want. 😉

Site Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t really free. They “spy” on your site’s data and all of your users for their own purposes. As a client, you’ll be able to use Fathom Analytics (normally $14/mo). Includes a traffic dashboard within WordPress and weekly email reports.

Automatic Image Optimization

Premium image optimization powered by ShortPixel, enabling faster performance by serving optimized images. No image limits. Just upload your image(s) and ShortPixel will take care of the rest.

Private Basecamp Project

Escape the clutter of our inbox with a private collaboration area powered by Basecamp. We’ll keep things organized via messages, tasks, file storage and a private chat. All fully private. Can also invite team members if needed.

It has made my life so much simpler and better.

Dave, It’s hard for me to identify exactly all the things you are doing monthly on my website. But tech has run so smoothly since I joined your monthly maintenance program it has made my life so much simpler and better. It clearly is making a positive impact on the function of my online business. Your monthly maintenance program, combined with the transition from Infusionsoft to Fluent CRM which you engineered and completed, has saved me $4-500.00 each month, likely in excess of $5000 yearly while greatly reducing my tech headaches AND at the same time helping my online business be more self reliant and digitally sovereign.From my earliest days using your One Page Business Plan until now, I have been thankful to have found you and your no bull”, tell it like it is, straight forward online business strategy that really works. If that were not enough, now you have made available your incredible tech skills to help me make my online business more profitable.
Chuck Gilmore

Here’s Why…

If you become my client, then your site becomes my business. No, I won’t run it for you. That’s your job. But, I will alleviate the headache of dealing with WordPress. The headache of dealing with web hosting support people. The headache of updates, backups, performance, and all the rest. And I’ll be there for the little things that come up during the month where you could use some insight or a helping hand.

Save Money

Avoid piecemeal software subscriptions and purchases. Get guidance on what to use so there’s no wasted funds. I’ve got access to some of the best software on the market.. and we can use it on your project as needed.

Easy Communication

Clients tell me I’m super easy to talk to and pretty laid back. Oh yeah, and I speak English pretty well since I’m a native Floridian. 😉 You and I will get along well.

Less Hassle

You will no longer be alone to figure out how to do things. Got a question or need some hands-on help? Just ask. I’m here to alleviate the hassle… so you can focus on your business and life.

Less Confusion

I’m good at keeping things simple. Let me deal with the complicated stuff so you don’t have to. I’m good at it. I (strangely) kinda like it. So, just let that be my job. I’m the simplifier.

More Focus

I’ve watched so many people over the years get stuck in the weeds on tech stuff on their sites… so much so they aren’t even doing what’s needed to grow their business. I’m here to help you focus on what’s important.

More Trust

My clients entrust me with their logins and their site. I take that seriously. I store things securely. I treat your site like I do my own. I will only do and recommend what is in your best interest.

Best decision I’ve made for my business in the past year or more.

Hands down, deciding to have David become my webmaster/tech guru was the best decision I’ve made for my business in the past year or more. He immediately diagnosed my tech issues, helped me upgrade the site on my current host, and did it quickly and efficiently. The monthly money I pay David is a bargain!
Jim Willis
Founder/Editor of Marcellus Drilling News

Chris Chippendale,

How Concierge Saves Money…

In most cases, my clients actually save money by being part of Concierge. Plus, life is just easier. 😎 Let’s compare the cost of the included services if you were to get them on your own…

  • Rocket.Net Hosting ($30/month)
  • Daily Backups, Web Application Firewall, Bot Protection, Malware Protection by BlogVault – $149/year (or $12.41/mo)
  • Fathom Analytics – $14/mo
  • ONEPass – $99
  • Plugin Licenses – $1857/year (or $154/mo). You probably wouldn’t need them all, but still ;)
  • Automatic image optimization (by ShortPixel) – $9.99/mo

For all of it, that adds up to $220/mo if you were to get it all on your own. Of course, you probably wouldn’t need every plugin, but let’s take a very typical use case…

Take a typical membership site that I might build for a client. Common plugins would include FluentCRM, Fluent Forms, WP Fusion, Kadence Theme Pro. All of those use PRO licenses. The annual cost of licensing adds up to $572, or $47.66/mo. Add that to the fixed cost of the other services included in Concierge and that comes out to $114/mo.

Concierge Core can be gotten for just $99/mo. Includes much more. Plus, you don’t have the hassle of setting it up and maintaining it. You’ve got unlimited email support plus a 30% discount on any hands-on work you need me to do on your site.

Kinda makes sense, right? 😎 I built it that way on purpose.

There may be cheaper ways to do things. But, in the end, I’ve enlisted the finest tools for my clients. The best hosting. Privacy-friendly analytics. Highly reliable offsite backups and security protection. Only the best for my clients.

Ready To Offload The Hassle?

No contracts. Cancel anytime you want.



Includes core client services. Best for smaller sites, blogs and smaller memberships with light support needs.

  • Total Site Maintenance (Weekly)
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Enterprise-level malware protection/scanning, site firewall
  • Site analytics via Fathom Analytics (with email reports)
  • Access to Concierge Toolkit – premium commercial plugins
  • Personal Email Support
  • Private Basecamp project for collaboration
  • Fully Managed Web Hosting
  • ONEPass Membership Included
  • Automatic image optimization
  • 15% discount on Anytime Credits
  • Transactional email delivery



Best for business websites making active sales or membership sites.

  • Total Site Maintenance (Weekly)
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Enterprise-level malware protection/scanning, site firewall
  • Site analytics via Fathom Analytics (with email reports)
  • Access to Concierge Toolkit – premium commercial plugins
  • Personal Email Support
  • Private Basecamp project for collaboration (with real-time chat)
  • Rocket powered Web Hosting (including Cloudflare Enterprise)
  • ONEPass Membership Included
  • 30% discount on Anytime Credits
  • Transactional and marketing email delivery
  • Performance maintenance (delete spam comments, database optimizations), performance audits
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Automatic image optimization
  • 60 minutes development & edits included each month



Best for higher-trafficked membership sites where a higher level of support is needed to debug occasional issues and confusions and time is money.

  • Total Site Maintenance (Weekly)
  • Daily off-site backups
  • Enterprise-level malware protection/scanning, site firewall
  • Site analytics via Fathom Analytics (with email reports)
  • Access to Concierge Toolkit – premium commercial plugins
  • Personal Email Support
  • Private Basecamp project for collaboration (with real-time chat)
  • Rocket powered Web Hosting (including Cloudflare Enterprise)
  • ONEPass Membership Included
  • 30% discount on Anytime Credits
  • Transactional and marketing email delivery
  • Performance maintenance (delete spam comments, database optimizations), performance audits
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Automatic image optimization
  • 180 minutes development & edits included each month

Basic Care Only? Not ready for full Concierge service for your website? I also have a Basic plan which includes hosting, maintenance, backups and unlimited email support. Check out the Concierge Basic plan.

Don’t have ongoing needs? Credits can be used anytime for new development, support requests, booking calls, all on an à la carte basis. Click here to learn about Anytime Credits.

Got Questions?

I’m well aware that most people try to DIY their own site maintenance, but that often comes with a ton of hassle. Worse, some people just don’t even know how to maintain their site and…. don’t. And that’s like driving a car without ever changing the oil. Eventually, it is going to blow up on you. 🫣

But, Concierge is also about more than just maintenance. I bring my decades of expertise and toolset to provide the highest quality plugins, the highest quality hosting and more. I don’t “cheap out” on this stuff. I make sure I take care of my clients’ sites like I do my own. In fact, my clients are hosted on the same services I use myself. When you’re on a Concierge plan with me, your site is in good hands and using the very best services and plugins on the market. You don’t have to worry about a ton of license renewals or a plethora of services to make your website work reliably and not break down. I got you.

So, Concierge isn’t just about avoiding a breakdown. It isn’t just about updating plugins. It is about making everything technical about running a WordPress-based business easier and simpler for you. So you can re-dedicate your valuable time to growing your business instead of delving into the tech and researching a bunch of nerdy stuff.

All clients get the same set of core services. This includes weekly maintenance, backups, malware protection, analytics, the premium tools in the Concierge toolkit, hosting, image optimization and transactional email delivery.

On the Core plan, you will get those core services for your website. I Will also be there to provide personal email support when you need it. For development, debugs and site edits, you will use Anytime Credits on your account and you will get a 15% discount automatically. Core is the base level plan and is best suited to smaller sites, blogs, or light membership sites.

If you are running a larger or more involved membership site (using tools like BuddyBoss, LearnDash, WooCommerce, etc.), then support needs can usually be a little higher. You also need the best hosting that can provide the most horsepower to your site as needed. Such sites often run more plugins than most. For such sites, the Growth and Platinum plans are usually the better fit.

With the Growth plan, you’re guaranteed to be hosted on You will have a 30% discount on credits (versus 15% for Core). We will be keeping an eye on performance much more stringently, doing regular optimizations and monthly performance audits. We up the game when it comes to anti-spam protection, so you don’t get bots registering for your membership or hammering your contact forms. Also, the Growth plan comes with 60 minutes of time each month for development, debugs and edits.

Platinum is best for busy membership sites where time is money. Where any downtime or a plugin conflict can cost sales. And where you need someboody to occasionally jump in there to do a quick debug (why does that member reporting not being able to acc ess their c

I have begun using Basecamp as our central project management area for Concierge. This means you will have a private project inside of Basecamp where you and I will be communicating about your site. This includes a private message board, todo list, chat, etc. Of course, you will also be able to email me anytime, however Basecamp makes things much more orderly and simple. As you may imagine, it is easy to lose track of things with a lot of emails flinging around. 😇

Yes. You don’t HAVE to host with me and if you’d prefer to keep your own hosting, that’s completely fine. But, I found that it is easier for me to provide the best service if I have a great host. And my goal is to simplify. So, hosting is included on all Concierge plans.

I partner with xCloud and for client hosting. For Core clients, I will choose the best hosting fit for the caliber of site. For Growth and Platinum clients, I only use Rocket.Net hosting. They are simply the best and I find membership sites just purr on Rocket.

You don’t need to host with us if you don’t want to. Most of our Concierge clients choose to do so for the peace of mind and cost savings, however we do have a few who choose to continue with their own hosting accounts and that’s totally fine. I just ask that you have a quality host! Sorry, no Godaddy, Bluehost or Hostgator sites please! Just seen far too many problems with those kinds of hosts.

Nope. I’d rather continue to earn your business and have a relationship based on mutual benefit. The last thing I’d want is for either you or I to be locked into something that isn’t working. So, there is no long-term contract with this service. You continue your Concierge service if you feel I am delivering the value you want. If not, you can cancel anytime.

In the event you decide to cancel, it’s pretty easy. If I am hosting your site, I will help migrate it to another host of your choice. If you are using any of our agency licensed plugins, I will deactivate the licenses so you will be responsible for support and updates moving forward. I will never break your site by removing anything. And lastly, I will stop maintaining your site for you. But, the site is always your’s to control… and if you ever cancel I will help you move your site anywhere you would like to take it.

Depending on your level of Concierge support, you will have a certain amount of “hands on” time on your site each month. This means I will get in there and take care of little issues for you that come up. The last thing I want to do is “nickel and dime” you for the little things, so I don’t have any intention of doing that.

This time does not stack up or accumulate. It is simply there to deal with things as they come up.

If we are going to be working on a project together or doing more extensive work, this is where Anytime Credits come in. Add credits to your account and they can be “spent” on development work and/or Zoom calls – whatever is most useful to you. A credit is worth about an hour of time spent on your site. As a Concierge client, you have an automatic discount on Anytime Credits. And any credits you purchase do not expire.

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management and collaboration platforms online – built by 37 Signals. As a client, you will have a private project set up inside of Basecamp where you and I (and my team) can interact about your project. It is super user-friendly and you’re going to find it incredibly easy to use. No cost to you whatsoever. I find that Basecamp means we don’t lose things in our email inboxes… and is far ore friendlier than making you submit support tickets through a stuffy support desk.

Sure can! In fact, most of my clients have these kinds of sites. I know full well some of the in’s and out’s of using WooCommerce, dealing with the “plumbing” of a membership site… and the work involved with managing online courses. I’m happy to help your membership site run smoothly and generate sales for you every day.

In short, transactional emails are triggered by user activity. This could be a password reminder, email notifications from forms, WooCommerce receipts, comment notifications, etc.

Marketing emails are generally promotional in nature and are triggered by you as the site owner hitting the “Send” button and sending to a lot of people at once. Promos and weekly newsletters are typical marketing emails.

Email deliverability is highly important. The last thing any membership site owner needs is people complaining that they aren’t receiving important emails. Sending email directly from your web host usually results in poor deliverability. So, for my Concierge clients, I invest in PostMark to power transactional emails. PostMark is a service of Active Campaign and is industry known for high-deliverability for transactional emails. I will get you set up and your site fully authenticated with PostMark.

For marketing emails, clients on Growth and Platinum plans can also send via PostMark for high deliverability. For very large email lists, overage charges may apply or the client may choose to run through a more affordable provider such as Amazon SES. Of course, we will help you get fully set up.

I maintain a bundle of agency licenses to themes and plugins that I use and recommend to clients. Many of them I use myself in my own business. As a Concierge client, these plugins are available to you. They will not be automatically installed. We will review your site and your plan and work out what tools are the right fit.

Current Agency Software Bundle

WP Fusion ($247)
Woo Subscriptions ($199)
CartFlows ($129)
FluentCRM ($129)
Fluent Forms ($59)
LearnDash ($199
Kadence Theme & Blocks ($199)
PerfMatters ($24.95)
WP Social Ninja – $89

Elementor Pro ($59)
Advanced Custom Fields Pro ($49)
Presto Player ($99)
Ninja Tables ($59)
Rankmath SEO ($59)
PDF Embedder & Thumbnails ($40)
Simply Schedule Appointments ($99)
Updraft Plus Premium ($70)
MetaBox – $49

Total Retail Value Annually Of This Bundle: $1857.95

That’s OK. It is your site and you can use any themes and plugins you want. If you choose to use outside services for some things, that’s fine, too. In some cases, we may not be as fast with certain tools. For instance, if you need site adjustments made to a site built with Divi, it may take me a little longer since I’m not a Divi expert. But, usually, we can figure it out anyway.

Generally speaking, Concierge plans are meant for one site at a time. But, I have several clients with more than one site. You need to enroll in the Concierge plan level appropriate for the site. I do offer discounts on additional sites at $69/month per additional site. This is only for smaller sites, however. If you want my support for two busy membership sites, for instance, I will need you on a a proper Concierge plan for each one. But, for smaller sites (like hobby sites you may have on the side), I can include them in Concierge and provide Core services for $69 per site.

No. If you are on a Performance or Platinum plan, the included time each month is for things as they come up for you. It is meant so that you don’t have to worry about credits unless we’re doing more extensive work together. While Anytime Credits do not expire, your monthly allotted time each month does not carry over month to month. Similarly, if you choose not to have a call with me for the month, it does not carry over on your account.

My goal is to continue to earn your business each and every month so you never decide to cancel. But, I understand things happen. The last thing I will ever do is hold your site hostage. If you decide to cancel, I will assist in migrating your site to hosting of your choice. In terms of plugins, I will never break your site by removing plugins which are being used. I will, though, deactivate licenses and it will be up to you to acquire your own licenses in order to continue to get updates. Your traffic data in Fathom Analytics will be deleted (although you can choose to take it over with your own account if you want). Basically, your site is always your’s and I will never hurt it. But, Concierge services would be discontinued if you decide to cancel and it will be up to you to provide replacement services.

Great question. While I certainly don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon, I know I have to consider such things when I’m in a position of responsibility for other people’s sites. And as a proponent of digital sovereignty, the last thing I want is for you to be reliant on me exclusively. It is your site, afterall.

So, all clients get a kind of “owner’s manual” for their site which specifies all the pertinent access details needed and where everything is. I also provide instructions on how to migrate your website out of my hosting. You don’t even need approval to do it. You would be able to migrate your site to a host of your choice without any involvement from me. And I provide instructions on how to do that. I take care to set things up in such a way where you’re never “stuck” with me.

Yes, of course. You can change your Concierge plan level at any time. You can add additional sites (or remove them) at any time. You can even cancel and part ways whenever you please. You’re in control.

No, not at this time.

No. Concierge is a pay as you go service. If you decide not to continue, simply cancel. We don’t offer refunds on Concierge plans, sorry.

Running a WordPress site provides a ton of power and flexibility. And it is an awesome platform for an online business. It is why WordPress powers over 40% of the Internet.

But, it comes with some frustrations. There’s no doubt about it. And I’ve seen people end up with inferior platforms like Wix or Squarespace just because they found WordPress just to be “too much”. This is even though WordPress is clearly better.