Creating an Effective Lead Magnet

Create a truly EFFECTIVE lead magnet. One that not only builds your list, but also attracts valid prospects and gets them into your blog’s funnels.

Lead magnets are going to be your marketing front line. They are incredibly important to the viability of your online business.

It is about much more than just getting email subscribers. It goes right to the heart of your ability to attract actual customers.

A well crafted lead magnet will:

  • Attract the right kinds of people to your business while repelling people who aren’t a good fit
  • Ensure the people who get onto your list are actual prospective buyers
  • Allow you to segment your subscribers into areas of interest which you can then match with an offer

The good news, too, is that we’re NOT talking about some big, honker ebook to give away.

In fact, the most effective lead magnets are usually the quickest to make.

Which is a good thing… because you’re going to have several of these things in the long run.

Couple this course with the Email Followup Engine course in order to build an automatic sales funnel.

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