Localhosting WordPress

How to set up and use Wordpress locally right on your own computer. Very useful for making changes or testing things without the hassle of moving files back and forth, or breaking your live site.

“LocalHost” means… hosted on your own computer. Instead of the site being hosted on a remote host (such as Siteground), you can set up local hosting. This is useful if you want to test things out on Wordpress without having to move files back and forth.

Do your testing on your local computer instead of your live site. Once you see everything works, then do those customizations or code tweaks on your live site. Plus you’ll learn how to move your localhosted site to your live host and vice versa. You will learn:

  • Three (And ALL FREE) different ways to install WordPress on your computers desktop & why one is way better than the other two
  • Various troubleshooting tips to get you out of a jam
  • The different local hosting packages
  • How to move a local (desktop) WordPress site to a live (online) hosting environment
  • How to move a live (online) WordPress site to a local (desktop) hosting environment

Installing Wordpress to your local computer is not something everybody will do. But, if you want to be able to test out site changes or test plug-ins without harming your live site, using a locally hosted site is a quick and convenient option.

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