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Does putting something up for sale on your website scare the crap out of you?

Worried about whether anybody will want what you’re selling? Worried about people resenting your attempt to make money, or convict you of being too pushy?

Or perhaps it is just the typical fears and doubts that go along with it…

  • Will anybody want it?
  • How much should you price it at?
  • How do you even figure out what your audience might actually want to buy?
  • It can be stressing. And it seems complicated sometimes.

You get out there into the world of “internet marketing gurus” and it becomes a complicated sea of psychological tricks and “conversion hacks”. It is complicated… and seems borderline manipulative.

What do you do if you just want to create a good, honest offer and have a good chance of it selling?

The foundation of everything is the offer itself. In the face of an offer nobody wants, all those cutesy little psychological tactics people talk about don’t matter at all.

So, we have to get back to basics.

We need to get down to the basics of actually figuring out what people want to buy.

When I set out to create this course for my Lab members, my goals were simple:

  • To make it easy to follow
  • To get as close as I can to personally guiding my students through their offer without me literally looking over their shoulders
  • To make this doable and approachable, even for people a little leery about selling anything
  • To offer multiple places for interactive help so that you’re not on your own trying to figure it all out

The result is Offers That Convert. This is a course on offer creation and making sales… designed specifically for people who weren’t born to sell. You will learn how to find out what people want, how to craft your offer, how to price it, how to present it… and how to sell it.