Fixing Blog Traffic (SEO Content Audit)

Recovering from a blog traffic slump by doing a full SEO content audit and re-engineering our blog content strategy.

It happens. Sometimes, even long-term blogs with established content end up getting slammed by Google and seeing their traffic drop.

That’s what happened. Right here. At the Blog Marketing Academy.

After years of fairly stable traffic (and me just taking it for granted), BMA started a slow bleed of traffic around March 2021. And over the next 5-6 months, it lost about half it’s traffic.

The source of the traffic loss was a loss of performance in organic SEO.

The Blog Marketing Academy just isn’t performing as well in the search engines as it used to.

I was asleep at the switch. Off doing my thing. Not really paying much attention. But, slowly, the situation began to be noticed. After all, traffic is the life blood of any web business. All the other metrics rely on it. So, as organic search traffic dropped, so did the flow of new email leads and, yes, revenue.

And so I began a big project.

A project to FIX the issue and to finally confront doing a full content audit of all the posts in the archives.

This course is a training and, really, a documentation of what I am doing for this project. I will be showing what I focus on, what I am doing, and I will be documenting systems as I go.

You can follow along and learn from it.

This process is certainly needed for older sites like mine. We’re the ones more likely to end up with a bunch of older content that sits there and stagnates.

But, every site owner needs reliable internal processes for preparing and publishing content. For dealing with SEO. And for circling back and doing updates on that content over time.

This course will be based on how I will put those systems together for myself. After going too long playing the “set it and forget it” game and relying on my site’s history… until it caught up with me.

This course is brand new and currently in progress.

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  1. Hi David,
    Super course. Incredibly helpful. Thank you.
    The same thing happened to me and my 13-year old website and 808 blog posts. Fortunately, the traffic has returned and growing. I’m rounding the far turn with my audit and fix.

    A couple of things:
    -My biggest challenge was the mobile site. The desktop performed pretty well, but the mobile site needed help (my traffic has morphed to 85% mobile)
    -I was using an old, genesis theme and changed to a newer genesis theme that was much more mobile-friendly
    -And you’re totally correct. I, too, had to go back and get a handle on my old, vintage blog posts. It took a blog post by blog post analysis and update, which I’m still doing.
    -In the past, I ignored designating and creating “cornerstone content.” Man, I do now. I identify my cornerstone content, bring the old posts up to date when necessary, and link other related posts to the cornerstone content. It has worked great.
    -You are totally right when you say Google Search Console is a must. And, we have to pay attention to the messages to fix things (Yikes, I’m 72 and talk about an old footprint!).
    -I lucked into a keyword that turned into a traffic gusher. It was one that a gazillion people enter to get alternate side parking information from the NYC Department of Finance. I never paid much attention to trying to identify and hitch a ride to that type of keyword. The downside is that my bounce rate went up (a lot of those ones and done people)

    The journey may be difficult and, at times, frustrating, but your process will absolutely work. Thanks for sharing it with us. And, good luck.

    1. Amazing how your numbers are almost the same as mine. BMA is about 13 years old now, and a hair above 800 posts. Also, my mobile scores are not super according to Pagespeed Insights. That may prove to be a battle… we’ll see.

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