[Announcement] DavidRisley.com Becomes Blog Marketing Academy

Changing the domain of an established website is a bit of gutsy move. It isn't one that I take lightly. I had been debating the move for a few months - privately. Then, it was in the works for the last few weeks. So, why the change? And why "Blog Marketing Academy"?

The headline sort of gives it away…

As of today, DavidRisley.com is now Blog Marketing Academy. And this site will now be accessible at BlogMarketingAcademy.com.

Changing the domain of an established website is a bit of gutsy move. It isn’t one that I take lightly. I had been debating the move for a few months – privately. Then, it was in the works for the last few weeks.

So, why the change?

And why “Blog Marketing Academy”?

Personal Name Versus Brand Name

This is a question with no single right answer. It also happens to be one which I’ve been asked about many times.

Should somebody build up using their own name…. or not?

I think everybody who has their own name available as a dot-com should own it. Period. In fact, I believe it so much that I even registered the names of my two children before they were even born. What one does with the domain is an individual decision, however.

There are examples of large brands built upon individual names. Names like Oprah and Tony Robbins come to mind. In our own little corner of the Internet, you’ve got folks like John Chow, John Paul Aguiar and Johnny B. Truant (the 3 John’s? 😉 ) who are still using their own names. And up until recently – me.

By and large, however, brands are not built upon personal names. In the case of a celebrity, the name has enough recognition, perhaps, to warrant such a thing. But, in our little corner of the Internet, the only people who associate our names with anything are people who are already fully aware of us. For everybody else (and that’s most people)… the name means nothing.

Not only that, it tends to pigeon-hole our names into one thing. And, like most people, I’m not solely interested in one thing.

Growth Opportunities

One has to ask the question… what are the possibilities when everything is so tightly centered around an individual?

For one, it isn’t sellable. I mean, I have no intentions at this point to sell this website… but everything needs an endgame at SOME point. And, what would that end point be if I’m at the center of everything?

For my business to have the impact that I’d like it to, it needs to grow beyond me. It needs to be set up such that all lines do NOT necessarily have to run through me.

In short, I’m beginning to look at this endeavor as the creation of an organization – not just something to raise awareness of me. I want to create something which has the capability of operating without me… not because I have plans to check out, but because it is only smart to build it that way. Not only will it allow more impact, but it will do so without me HAVING to answer every email, be on every call – forever.

Blog Marketing Academy

I have to say, I went in circles over the name of this thing for awhile. I had several really good possibilities on my potential list. In the end, I just needed to pick one and move forward.

For one, the new name has relevant keywords in the URL. I mean, nobody searches for “David Risley” unless they’re too lazy to type my URL in… or they’re looking for somebody else. Plus, you’d be surprised at how many people misspell the word “Risley”, so the name sucks for word-of-mouth promotion.

Secondly, I think the new name lends itself much better to the true purpose of the site, which is Marketing. After all, blogging is a form of marketing. “Blog Business Academy” was one of my other potentials, but I didn’t want to give the impression that I thought blogging was a business model… something I’ve been quite clear about in the past.

The name “Blog Marketing Academy” communicates with this site is about – merely by the name. That’s something that my personal name just doesn’t accomplish. And, the word “Academy” lends itself quite well to the idea behind the site – which is to learn.

The Logo

The new logo is pretty simple. Just no need to make it complicated. However, the graphical component of it changed.

Rather than the big circle and the big “DR” in it (which are my initials, obviously), I had my designer create a graphical image of rising statistics. Again, the idea is to communicate the purpose of the site.

Something which is less obvious about that image is that the bar graph portion of that image is also symbolic of the structure of the organization I am creating. It is a broad layout of the design of a fully-functioning BUSINESS… something I’ll be getting into inside the Academy.

The Academy?

My Inner Circle program is going to become the Academy. It will become the focal point of all actual training, mastermind calls, forums and more. This blog will remain here while the in-depth stuff goes into the Academy.

And I’ll tell you more about this later… but I’m planning something very different about how people go through the material inside there. As I pointed out in my rant about the problems in this niche, too many people are suffering from information overload, lack of clear direction, overwhelm – you name it. And, I don’t accomplish my end product if that’s happening with the people I work with. So, I’m working on a system of management inside the Academy to ensure people get the results they signed up for… or they leave. It is that simple.

More on that soon. In the meantime, know that if you sign up for my Inner Circle, you are essentially signing up for the Academy… and you’ll get to watch the transition as it happens. In fact, you’ll be involved in the co-creation of it.

Oh, and if you’re a prior customer of mine via any of my products (including Blog Masters Club, which was just closed down), I’ll be in touch with you guys… because I’ll take care of you.

Thank You

I want to thank everybody who’s been a reader of this site. It means a lot to me. And I hope you’ll continue to follow along as I plow forward into phase 2.

I think the “make money blogging” space is flawed in how it leads people. I think it leads bloggers astray in too many cases. I want to chart a new road.

I look at the stuff that CopyBlogger and ProBlogger publish day in and day out, and an old quote from Henry Ford comes to mind.

If I asked my customers what they want, they simply would have said a faster horse.

I know how he feels, sometimes.

Update: New Facebook Page

Just decided (the day after this post was originally published) to follow suit over on Facebook. So, as of 15 minutes ago (as of this writing), the Blog Marketing Academy has a brand new Facebook presence. And, I’d love to connect with you guys over there.

Click To “Like” the Blog Marketing Academy on Facebook. If you’re so inclined. 🙂

It always WAS weird having two profiles on FB with my personal name.


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  1. I just got here from Yaro Starak’s blog and I’m still trying to figure out what this place is about but it seems that you’ve come a long way and deserve a thumbs up for that, all the best!

  2. Actually it depends on which name you want to be popular with. Brand name often refers to a company or a group of people. Personal name is to keep the personal touch going. Some people succeed with personalized brand name like daimler etc. So it’s up to you. But it is better if we make a research first. I also have changed my brand several times for so many reasons.

  3. Got that right. 🙂 There’s an artist over in Denmark who shares the same name as I do. And the guy ranks pretty well for it. 😉 Really glad I reg’d my name when I did, because otherwise he’d have it.

    1.  And you gave me the inspiration or should I say the idea for a new website, I just registered the name you left…blogbusinessacademy.com thanks so much for the idea…

        1.  Thank you very much for the best wishes…I just hope with your blog marketing academy around, I would probably be able to turn it into a success like your, I was actually very excited, when I did the name check and found that it was still available…I just had to register it…thanks once again!

  4. Got that right. 🙂 There’s an artist over in Denmark who shares the same name as I do. And the guy ranks pretty well for it. 😉 Really glad I reg’d my name when I did, because otherwise he’d have it.

  5. Congrats on the rebrand – I know it’s a tough thing to go through and I’m actually in the midst of going the other way.

    In my opinion it’s not personal brand vs. company brand.

    It’s actually both.

    They each have their place and when done properly, they build each other up.

    Think Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris or Kevin Rose.

    Each of those guys have built a strong personal brand and that personal brand has helped them jumpstart other projects/businesses.

    That’s why I’m in the midst of adding the “personal brand” component so I totally relate to the grind of going through this type of thing 😛

    1. Yeah, totally. There are pros and cons to both sides of this.

      For me, it is a desire to have this effort grow beyond me. And, for example with Gary V…. people would probably find it seriously out of place if somebody else all of a sudden appeared on Gary’s site. 🙂

      My name will not disappear from this site. It just that I’m building a business, not a personal brand. And, in time, once the new domain has taken firm hold, I might actually transition davidrisley.com over to a new site and have that be more about “personal brand”, with freedom to talk about whatever the heck I’ve got going on and not just the topic of marketing and blogging. 🙂

      See ya soon in NYC, man. 🙂

  6. Great look ,great name and your the man for marketing. Best of luck with the change and good luck with Blog World. As for the comment on Pro blogger and Copyblogger I will take quality over quantity any day. I also use that same logic for beers!

  7. Way to Go David!  What a bold move.  I see your logic and I am with you all the way.  Nothing ventured, nothing sprained. 

    You are inspiring my friend,


  8. Congrats on the new change!  Looking forward to staying on top of the game by adding this to my feed.

  9. Nice David!
    Like the new name and totally agree with you, I believe your new Blog Marketing Academy brand will open more doors of opportunity for you and better position your expertise in the market 🙂
    Also potentially gives you a stronger position for getting guest bloggers if you decide to go that way.
    Hope to see you at Ryan Lee’s event in October.

    1. I haven’t really seen details yet about Ryan’s event. Did he send them? 

      If the timing works out, I’ll try to make it. Ryan’s a good guy.

      1. Details will be coming out soon – I’m still helping him get the website put together for the event 😉

  10. Dave,
    Been stalking…uh watching you for a while and find it fascinating the direction you’re taking this. I’ll be waiting to see how this comes out. Congrats on the changes and good luck on the future.

  11. Your honesty is always a breath of fresh air.  You’re simply out there, doing your thing and giving it your all.  Good luck with the new domain.  I’m surprised it was available as a .com.  

  12. I have liked the ideas in your recent posts and the ‘new direction’ you are taking.  Name change…makes sense!  Looking forward to continue learning from you as you grow.  Glad to be a part of the Inner Circle – looks like it is going to continue getting better.

  13. Thanks, David,
    As for my two cents, you did the right thing. Back when we were marketing consultants in the 1970s and 80s (The Wall Street Journal called us ‘America’s Consultants to Consultants’) it was a tough decision for people to make back then, too. I know the Internet has changed the landscape for the most part, but your comment hits the nail precisely in that now YOU don’t have to be behind every outbound answer which does indeed allow you to scale up with a company brand.

    As we worked with consultants in over 175 niches, many were well-known in their fields and didn’t want to move away from their names. Others who accepted new platforms morphed into federations, associations, institutes and, yes a few academy names. You already have a tremendous followiing, but there are still people out there who haven’t tried KELLOGG’s corn flakes yet! So the world is indeed your oyster.

    To your personal journey…!

    Warm regards,


    1. Thanks, Steve.

      The way I look at it now, the only way that it makes sense to build is beyond yourself. Otherwise, it isn’t scalable. As far as sticking with a personal name, perhaps it is ego for some people. I think too many people find a little bit of success and then get a false impression of their own reputation. Truth is, most people have no idea who we are. Certainly, most people don’t know my name. Hell, a huge chunk of people who reading “blogs about blogging” don’t even know my name. And, I have no reason for them to, really. I’m not trying to float my own boat here. 🙂

      Anyway, thanks again for the comment, Steve. 🙂

  14. I have the same thoughts as Max. I look forward to being a part of the “new and improved” David Risley. Of course I just wrote a post yesterday detailing my ten favorite non-book blogs and will have to update it but that’s okay. Let the fun begin.

  15. Good luck with the new domain name, David.  I have no doubt it will be successful because you give great value.  Thank you for all the blogging  info which you write personally.  I much prefer it to outsourced posts.

  16. Gotta say. I’m fully on board with this change and I’m glad you’re doing it for the right reasons. Sounds really well thought out and not just one of those “because it’s better for SEO” type decisions. I did this myself not too long ago for many of the same reasons. Looking forward to being a bigger part of the Inner Circle as it progresses. I think if people can make the time to listen to you and follow your teachings, you can help create some really powerful online business owners.

    Hoping I can find the path to be one of them. I would tell you good luck, but much like myself I feel like you’re the kind of dude who believes that you make your own luck – so I’ll just say – good fortune instead 🙂

  17. Hey David,

    I think you’re a great leader man and if you lead, people WILL follow.I also believe this was a great move from you, congratulations!

  18. Seems like a great move David.  I hope the transition is smooth and you can get the traffic here up soon.  The new  name seems pretty perfect!  

  19. Dear David,

    CONGRATULATIONS. I wish you the very best. YOU are unmatched in your integrity and ingenuity! I always love to read about every one of your next big  explorations. Here’s to your success. 

    Best regards,

    Ravi Gupta

  20. Hi David,

    It’s interesting what you say about ProBlogger and Copyblogger. I used to follow all of the A-listers such as yourself and them, but over the past two years I whittled who I follow down to a select few. I pretty much now only regularly read your blog, Four Hour Work Week and Man vs. Debt. The three of you cover everything that I want to learn about. Maybe once a month I pop in to either ProBlogger or CopyBlogger and feel that I’m reading the same stuff I was reading years ago. Mind you, I still respect what they’ve achieved. 

    You seem to strive to continually evolve in through large mutations such as today’s one. 

    I look forward to seeing where you journey takes you from here. 

    1. Thanks, Max.

      And for the record, I also hold a lot of respect for ProBlogger and CopyBlogger. Top of that game. But, I also see the high volume posting that they’re doing these days as a symptom of a problem.

      But, who knows. Depends on one’s purpose. Both of those sites get a ton more traffic than I do, so who’s to say who’s right in the end.  But, I’ll do what I think is best, and my purpose is to get results. And I think that’s more important than my page views counts.

      1. There are many different business models. There are also many different ways to achieve the same goal. But since each of us is different we also have different goals (satisfaction, desire, balance….money) thus I would not really compare you and Problogger. You are carving/pioneering different things yet within the same space. So power to both of you 😉

  21. Excellent move! This should allow you to grow, as you say, into a larger organization. From individuals and solopreneurs, to small businesses, then on the enterprise!

    I’m about to go the opposite direction, and roll my technical site into my domain name site. I now have defensible reasons for it, one of which is that what I do every day is far too broad to be niched down. However, writing it up is still valuable for me. Also closing down a couple of other technical domains which I was never able to get off the ground. That material will get rolled in as well. Website In A Weekend stays as it is.

    I’m really glad I stayed with Inner Circle. What a bargain!

  22. As always, you make a lot of sense. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks to you, I know there are good guys out there. I guess that’s a comment on “the industry” all by itself. Know you will continue to make a difference. You are appreciated.

  23. Congrats on the switch, David. The initial change might bring some obstacles but in the long term it’s the right decision. Can’t wait to see what else is to come. 


    1. Thanks, Brent. 🙂 And, we shall see. This is the first time I’ve changed URLs on a somewhat busy website. I plan to document how to do it to save others some trouble. 🙂

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