Easy Video Player – Powerful Video Player For Your Website [VIDEO REVIEW]

In this post, I’m going to show you a new video player I’ve discovered that removes all the confusions on embedding videos on different sites, while also providing a host of marketing functionality that you just don’t get on most video players.

See, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to make my business life easier. Recently, I got all hot and heavy with Optimizepress because it truly does make my life easier.

Well, around the same time I found OP, I found another tool that really is awesome. It is called Easy Video Player.

What Does Easy Video Player Do?

Well, the title of the product makes it pretty easy to figure out, does it not? At the simplicity, it is a video player for displaying your self-hosted videos online.

Obviously, though, if that were all it was, I’d laugh at it quite hard and proceed to go use one of the many free Wordpress plug-ins out there which can embed a video player. Fortunately, EVP does a lot more than that.

With using EVP, you can:

  • Put “call to action” buttons right into your video feed at the point you tell it to. So, for example, if you tell a person in your video to go to a certain link, you don’t have to say “look below this video”… you can actually put the button right smack in the middle of the video.
  • Embedded opt-in forms. You can build your list by putting an opt-in form on top of your video.
  • Have content external to the video player appear when you specify, in accordance with your video. Can be either a call to action button or a block of HTML code.
  • Split test multiple videos within the same player.
  • Create video sales letters with a single click.
  • Redirect viewers to a URL of your choice after the video finishes.
  • See how many times somebody watches your video, and FINISHES watching your video. This isn’t just the raw “views” count like you’d get on Youtube. You can actually tell if they watched the video all the way through.
  • Secure the location of your videos so nobody can “view source” and see where it is hosted and steal it. You can even limit play of your video on only URLs you allow.
  • Load videos in a lightbox if you want.
  • Video watermark built right into your player.
  • Password protect your video so your user will need to enter a password before the player will start the video.
  • Fully compatible with non-Flash devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Get the idea?

It is a video player on steroids. It is designed to work with Amazon S3 (which is basically a basic staple of doing your own videos). But, if you really want to self-host your videos, you can do that, too.

Take a Peek Inside Easy Video Player

So, here’s a video of the inside of my own setup of EVP. In fact, this very video that you’re watching is being embedded here using Easy Video Player. 🙂


What You’ll Be Able To Do With Easy Video Player

As a blogger, you’ll be able to easily embed self-hosted videos on your blog. EVP comes with a plug-in for Wordpress to make easily copying/pasting the EVP player code into Wordpress and not having it get messed up. You won’t have to fool around with different plug-ins to find a player which works. Also, you’ll have a variety of different skins to choose from so you can make the player look like you want.

But, let’s be honest… the real power of EVP isn’t that it is a player. It is all the other stuff. 🙂

Imagine doing a video on an affiliate product, for example, then when the video is done, you simply route the user automatically through your affiliate link.

Imagine being able to put a video on your homepage inviting people to opt into your list… and having the opt-in form show up right in the video itself. It can’t be missed that way.

If you run a membership site, you can use EVP for your private members-only videos, and with the URL security know that nobody can swipe your videos without actually logging into your membership site.

You can split test a couple of different videos with one player, and with the built-in stats, know which video holds people’s attention the longest. Oh, and related to that, EVP can even track SALES so you can track conversion rate based on your videos and split test that way.

The Zero-BS Take

So, I obviously like this product alot. I’ve used it for a few videos now, and I’m also using it in the next membership site I’m building. In fact, Optimizepress has a special box for you to paste in your EVP code so that it will replace OP’s built-in player with EVP… giving you all of EVP’s features with OP.

Easy Video Player is ideal for anybody looking to make money or build a list using the power of video.

If you’re just looking to throw out little hobby videos, you don’t need EVP. Just use Youtube or something. Youtube, though, isn’t what you want to use for commercial purposes for a TON of reasons.

Lastly, when you buy your copy of EVP, you will get one upsell offer for a branding-free version. I took it. If you don’t buy that, then what will happen is you’ll get a little EVP logo displaying in the lower left corner of your video for the first few seconds of play. Personally, I disagree with the fact that the branding-free option is an upsell, but that’s their choice. In any event, it is up to you. But, I took the upsell. He actually should have positioned it differently, but that’s a marketing lesson for a different day. 🙂

Lastly, he unfortunately bundles this player with a continuity program for Elite Marketing Foundation. Personally, I couldn’t care less about that, but it looks to be one of those forced continuity things. Ugh! In any event, the purchase is being processed by Clickbank, so you can either cancel that through the membership site or by simply emailing Clickbank (the info will be on your receipt). I simply emailed Clickbank and told them to cancel the recurring billing. I only wanted the player.

So, yeah, you’ll get a couple of little marketing gimmicks on the site during the purchase process, but under all that, EVP is a very well-polished product and certainly worth every penny.

I’ve added Easy Video Player to my recommended list on my Toolbox. Because it is now a tool I’m using regularly.



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  1. David, Are you still recommending this video player – I clicked on your link, but it simply took me to a login page on your membership site?

  2. Very helpful thanks. Do you know if you can add an opt in section part way through the video and make it required for users to continue viewing?

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