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3 Tips On Setting Your Price

It was interesting to see certain people react to the recent launch price of Fluent Support in their Facebook group. And I think it brings up some

Creating Online Business Habits

They say that to create a new habit, it can take 30 days. And to change behavior, it takes creating a new routine. A new

The Costs Of Email Marketing

Let’s talk about your email list. And some things that have been happening and how it applies to your own email list. If you’ve been

Adapting To Massive Change

When the whole pandemic thing began, you started to see and hear a lot of people in business circles start using the word “pivot”. And

Time To Rethink Selling Content?

I think it is important to be willing to think a little differently. And not do exactly the same thing as everybody else. And when

The Art Of Being Repetitive

I watch financial videos on Youtube sometimes. And one dude I’ve watched many times is Robert Kiyosaki. He’s the “rich dad poor dad” guy. One

Growing Without Paying For Ads

So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately… Growing traffic and building the email list up reliably, but without paying for Google ads or Facebooks

The sovereign business.

A little food for thought today. It is something I’ve touched on before. And perhaps because of that I’ve even had people mention it to

My traffic dropped.

Let’s talk blog traffic. And sometimes, not everything is awesome. Nobody likes to share their own dirty laundry, but truth is… the traffic for Blog Marketing

Trust Versus Experience

Last week, I was on a consulting call with a cool dude. Looking to take his successful one-man business online in order to scale things

Everything Is A Product

Have you ever found that you get a little paralyzed in action because of the “bigness” of it all? What you’re working on is big.

Self help distractions

A lot of entrepreneurs and internet marketing people have made things pretty complicated for themselves. And a lot of it comes down to all the

How To Structure You Day

When I’m out camping like I am now, obviously I’m not working all the time. That’s not the point. But, I AM doing some work.

When the time is right

I’d like to share a viewpoint with you today. Have you ever put something off? Something that you think would be a good idea, but

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