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The Times We’re In

In this week’s article, I want to shift gears. And I want to look at a much bigger picture. Just as a reminder. We’re living

The Curse Of Perfection

Perfection. That beautiful place where there is nothing to be improved and everything is awesome. Not a single flaw. It’s the state that so many

Pivoting From Members To Clients

Inflation. Lot of people talking about it these days when it comes to money. I mean, massive money printing on a scale never seen before

5 Blog Design Changes (And Why)

This week, we’re going to switch gears a bit from the kind of articles I’ve been featuring in THE EDGE. We’re going to talk about blog

The Symptoms of “Maybe”

You ever gotten stuck in indecision? Or, you ask somebody to make up their mind about something and they can’t muster up anything more than

“Time For Money”. Is it a Bad Thing?

In the world of “online business”, there is this negative vibe given to the idea of performing service work. I’m talking good, ol-fashioned client work.

Are you too serious?​

Have you ever been in a super hurry to get somewhere in your car? Suddenly, every light seems to turn red at the worst time.

Are you creating… or coasting?​

A few years ago, I realized something. I’m also reminded of it time and time again. Even today with my current business. See, at the

Are you hiding?

Are you hiding from your market? Do you, deep down, really not want to have much to do with them? You just want them to

Entrepreneurial ADHD – Solutions?

Distracted? Overwhelmed? One of the most common responses last week when people told me WHY they wanted no more than weekly issues of THE EDGE was… they’re already overwhelmed.

Not Following My Own Advice

I’m in a bit of an interesting position, in some ways. See… I’ve been in this business for a really long time. Since 1998. And

Facebook. A Necessary Evil?

As an online business owner, I sort of have to use Facebook. After all, it is one of the largest mediums of communication in the

Something On My Mind Today…

I want to start out today’s article with something I wrote back at the end of 2014. And then I have some further thoughts I

No expertise. No money. What to do?

Some people just shouldn’t start an online business. They aren’t thinking about it correctly. Case in point, this is an email we recently got into

My Content Strategy For 2020

It’s funny. I’ve been blogging for 20 years now. You would think I have everything dialed in… all the time. That everything that happens is

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