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How I manage my finances

As we head into the weekend, I thought I would totally switch gears. Instead of talking about blogging and business strategies, I wanted to talk

We Had A Big Idea…

If you’ve ever been to a big online business conference, then you know how it can go… It is often in a big convention center

Do You Have To Blog A Lot?

In 2016, I published only 41 blog posts to this blog. But, of those 41 posts, 12 of them were podcast episodes. So, that leaves

The Perfect Blog Blueprint

When it comes to making sales with a blog, there are some things that can help you… and things that can hurt you. There are

Quick SEO Improvement To Your Blog

There’s a lot of things we talk about to build up your blog, your traffic and more. And much of the time, they’re more big-picture

How to engineer authority

How do you establish authority in your niche? Is it something that just happens organically and with luck? Or is it something you can be

How to stay motivated

Struggling to stay motivated to work on your blog? To write that blog post? It happens. In fact, in my recent survey of EDGE subscribers,

Important Subscriber Survey

Important Subscriber Survey The last time that I surveyed subscribers of this newsletter was back in March 2018. So, it’s been over a year. It

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