Niche difficulties?

Published on September 7, 2018  

When I get back to Florida, I’m going to hit the ground running on several fronts. And one of them is that I plan to do some brand new webinars and training workshops for the general public.

One of them I definitely will be doing is on FINDING YOUR NICHE.

This is one of those classic, age-old topics and confusions that come up in this arena of blogging. People often get confused on what niche to go into… or they have a bunch of doubts as to whether the niche they’re considering is a good idea.

So many things come up with this one, too.

Sometimes, it is confusions on keywords. Sometimes just confusion on whether you’re too broad or too narrow. Sometimes just difficulty with a decision.

Sometimes… it is just a fear of failure and a bunch of mental stuff comes up and gunks up the works. If that’s you, know you’re not alone.


I plan to do some free training on this topic via webinar and I want to address it “Dave-style”. 🙂 Which you know is going to approach it a little differently.

You won’t see me pimping keyword research tools… because I freakin’ hate ’em. 😉

So, ahead of me getting back, I want to use today’s Daily to hear from you on this.

Are you strill struggling with your blog niche?

And, if so, what is it that is giving you difficulty about it? How can I help you over the hump?

Go ahead… just hit the reply button and answer back at me. Malika (my wife) will ensure I see it.

And I thank you in advance. 🙂

– David

In your corner,
David Risley
Founder, Blog Marketing Academy

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