Everything SUCKS! (Or So They’d Have You Think)

If you paid attention to the news, to TV shows, to newspapers and magazines, you're left with a few impressions. Things like: (a) The economy sucks, (b) Things are dangerous, (c) You can't do anything about it. In a word, EVERYTHING SUCKS. Or at least that's what they'd have you think.

If you paid attention to the news, to TV shows, to newspapers and magazines, you’re left with a few impressions. Things like: (a) The economy sucks, (b) Things are dangerous, (c) You can’t do anything about it.

In a word, EVERYTHING SUCKS. Or at least that’s what they’d have you think.

What follows is a chunk of a video from my Time Master Formula training course. I decided to pull it out and post it publicly. Because I think it is something you ought to realize and understand, especially now. The transcript for this video can be found below.

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The Transcript

You’ve heard the old saying before, that you are what you eat. Now, this saying typically has to do with nutrition, the idea that if you eat junk food a lot, your body is going to kind of turn to junk. If you eat really healthy, nutritional food, then your body is going to obviously reflect healthy and nutritional food.

So a lot of us are familiar with this saying. What I’m saying is we’re going to redefine this just a little bit to include also what you take and what you eat mentally. When you consume bad information or doom and gloom type information, that type of stuff will become a little bit more of what you actually are. You are what you eat. It’s not just our food, but it’s also what you eat mentally.

So let’s look at what happens when you, quote, unquote, “eat” things which go against your desire. You have this desire to survive as best as you can. You want to do things that help further your goals along. You would like to make more money. You would like to have nice stuff. You would like to do lots of things that will help your life be as good as you can. Now, “them,” and I put that in quotes, have an opposite intention.

Their idea is demise. Now, I don’t want you to interpret this chart in saying that everybody other than you wants to see you succumb, because that’s obviously not true at all. But what we’re talking about here in this video is those outside influences that do want to see you not do as well as you are, because they in some cases actually survive better when you survive less. Let’s go over that a little bit more.

Who are we talking about here with “them”? I’m talking specifically here about things like the news media, talk radio, and trash television, like reality TV. These types of influences, and we’ve seen them all over. They’re out there all the time. Just turn on Fox News or CNN or any of them, and they’re doing this. It’s just one piece of bad news after the next. Talk radio is all about controversy, and they drum up controversies over things that were really not that big of a deal.

They take politicians, and they interpret what they say in all these different ways and just sit there and bloviate about it. You’ve got reality TV, which just seems like it’s getting junkier and junkier all the time. There’s just some really, really low end stuff out there on television, and when we’re out there consuming these things, it affects us. The funny thing, too, as a parent, this type of thing is obvious.

We don’t like our kids to watch rated R movies, or we don’t like our kids to watch junky stuff, because we know it affects them. But for some reason, as adults, we lose track of the fact that that stuff also affects us. That matters. It affects our efficiency. It affects how well we are surviving in our lives as well. If we take this chart again and then just look at this comparing to the news and what you’re seeing out there across news and talk radio and TV and all that, you’ll see what we’re saying.

They keep talking about things like how bad the economy is. Usually, that’s in cases like the economy is just doing its thing and it’s so horrible, and we have no responsibility for our own finances. If you open up your local paper, chances are the front page is going to be nothing but doom and gloom in terms of people getting killed or car crashes or somebody got murdered. You’ve got riots in the streets. You’ve got so-and-so getting arrested.

You’ve got the whole left versus right thing in terms of political stuff. If you tune into of these 24/7 news networks like CNN or Fox, that’s pretty much all they do from about 6 p.m. onward, is they debate things. They get up in each other’s faces and they yell at each other over these political things. At the end of the day, they’re not influencing much of anything. They’re just sitting there bloviating and trying to get as good of ratings as they can.

You’ve also got the whole thing with terrorists. The list goes on and on and on. I challenge you to just take a look at your local paper or turn on the news and just sit there for 10 minutes and just listen to the stories that come out of them. You’ll find that an overwhelming majority of them are bad. Not only that, it also affects your mentality, especially the 24/7 news networks. They make it seem as if everything is equal to everything else.

They’ll just jump from one story to the next all day long, and then they will come back and repeat it. It just leads to this entire idea that the world is dangerous. That’s what they’re saying. They’re really saying that the world is dangerous. They’re telling you that you’re not going to make it. They’re sitting there talking about how horrible the economy is. That is a basically indirect way of saying that you’re not going to make it because the situation in your environment is bad. You have no control over it.

It’s all, quote, unquote, “their fault,” that you don’t have much responsibility for things and basically, life sucks. If you just take all the themes of what these news media networks put out, that is basically the theme. Everything sucks. It’s just something that as adults that we wouldn’t let our kids watch horrible horror movies. Why are we watching this stuff day in and day out?

The facts are that them scaring you equals profits for them. They’re in the business of selling advertising. They want you to watch them. You ever watch the 24/7 networks, especially, they will put on some little cliffhanger right before they go to commercial break, so that you will sit through those commercials where they make their money and then come back on the other side. It’s usually something, of course, bad.

They want to shock you into it, make you sit there and wait and find out just how bad whatever it is they’re talking about it is, after the commercials, of course. Them scaring you equals profits for them. Their goals are exactly opposite of yours. That’s the truth of it. So the solution here is don’t watch the news, and that includes not just television, but it also includes magazines. It includes the newspaper, things like that.

At the end of the day, you really just don’t need to consume that stuff. It may go against your grain. You might think that you are not informed or you’re somehow stupider because you’re not paying that much attention to what’s going on out there. But I would challenge you to simply just give this a try and see how your mindset shifts a little bit. Just for one week, stop consuming any current events or news media, just any of it. Don’t consume anything.

If you watch some History Channel or Discovery or maybe some sitcom, you be the judge of that. But definitely avoid any source of news or current events. In order to go in the ideal world here, you would just not watch any TV or don’t read any newspapers at all. But you need to see how far you’re willing to go on this. Then after one week, see how you feel. See if your outlook on things is different because you’re not paying attention to all that crap.

See how much more efficient you are in getting things done or maybe even making some more money because you don’t have the news media shoving down your throat all the time how you’re not in control and how the economy sucks and everybody is poor and unemployed. That’s what they’re telling you, but it doesn’t do you any good to sit there and think those things.

If you ignore all that stuff, and you weren’t even thinking about it all, and you’re only worried about your own environment and getting you as successful as possible, you’ll be amazed how much better you are at it when you don’t have those outside influences pecking at you and telling you that you’re not going to make it.

So you’re basically not in alignment towards your goals at all if you’re letting in forces from the outside world which are counter to your goals. That’s what I’m showing you is happening here. If you’re constantly letting in these forces from the outside that have intentions that are against yours, then you’re not really in alignment toward your own goals, and you’re fighting them all the time, even if you don’t realize it.

So I’ll leave you with this: successful people don’t let doom and gloom into their minds. They simply don’t pay any attention to it, and they realize it for what it is. It is crap, and it’s mental trash, and we just don’t let it in.

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