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Do You Have To Be An Expert Or Guru To Succeed Online?

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Does it sometimes seem as if only the experts or gurus are making any money?

When you think about what to blog about or what niche to get into, is your first thought about what you know and what you’re an expert in?

Many people think so, and the unfortunate side effect is that many allow this to become a big barrier. Many don’t feel as if they’re an expert on anything at all, so they feel like they’re screwed before they even start.

Is this you?

Here’s the thing… being an expert certainly can help, but it sure as hell isn’t a requirement. In fact, there are many people out there making good livings online and people don’t even know their names. They don’t get recognized at conferences. They just silently crush it.

There is money in the “guru” business, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one or even try to be one. Hell, usually those who try to be one are compensating for something, anyway.

The way you make money is to provide a solution to people who need it. Nobody said that you have to personally create said solution.

Affiliate marketing is one way to go where you don’t have to create the solution. Just find it and sell it.

You could also use the publisher model, where you partner with somebody else who has expertise in an area you don’t. You take care of the online business part of things while they provide the information.

You could also bring knowledge to people via other people in the form of interviews. People do it all the time.

Point is, lack of expertise in a market you want to work in isn’t a stop.

Success in business often comes down less to expertise, and more in organizational ability.

The ability to summon the right resources, align them toward a goal, and see it through is a FAR more important skill for an entrepreneur than expertise in the market you operate in.

Never let lack of expertise in a niche be a reason not to do it. It is just something to deal with. And these days, there are a number of ways to do so.

Do you agree? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.


  1. krissy knox says:

    I think entreprenurial skills are very important. But I think having some expertise in the niche you’re blogging about, or at least a little knowledge, can be a little helpful, as well But you have made an excellent point — as long as we know how to find the info we want, we don’t have to have a lot of background in the particular niche we’re in. As a matter of fact, we should never let this stop us from beginning to blog in the niche we believe we’re meant to be in. Because the more we write about topics in our niche (whether starting out by, for instance, interviewing others in our field, or by asking others to guest post or research on topics in our niche for us, or by researching ourselves — the more we’ll learn about our niche, and be able to write about the topics of our niche ourselves, and gain expertise. We need ever not begin a blog in our chosen niche bc we feel we don’t have enough expertise. Entrepreneurial skills such as organizational ability are much more important.

    Thanks for a great post, David!

  2. Yash Manjrekar says:

    great post, David.. Hoping to be successful in blogging in the coming years,


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