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Facebook Profile or Fan Page?

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As a person who has somewhat of a public profile in social media, I’ve been pondering the idea of making a change in how I handle Facebook. I’ve been thinking about making a bigger deal out of my personal fan page and begin using my profile for people I actually know.

I’ve been noticing a lot of “break up” posts in the last few months. You know, the “its not you, it’s me” post which explains why everybody is being un-friended.

Yesterday, I took to Twitter to get opinions. Here’s a taste of what they told me:

Go with FB Fan page. Keep the personal profile for more personal circle.

This seems to be the trend….Not a hard choice to make…..

depends how thin you want to spread yourself and how much privacy you want to maintain. I keep mine separate. . .

I have both. Fb Profile: Personal and not spammable. Fb Fan Page: Impersonal and spammable. Works for me. Why choose?

I have no problem with bloggers shifting followers to a fan page; after all, “friends” should be friends, not fans. My 2 cents.

facebook page for family & friends. fan page for everyone else.

And apparently some other bloggers I know are either doing it already or thinking about it:

Yeah I’m thinking about doing that too – means you keep marketing and friends seperate

makes sense to me! FB is going the way of MySpace in my opinion. I’m using it less and thinking of doing that same thing.

been thinking same thing

So, the overwhelming consensus from my Twitter followers is that I should make this move.

Here’s My Thoughts On It

facebook_logo My online brand is as a professional blogger. However, like all people, I am a multi-faceted guy and not every thought that goes through my head is about blogging. Sometimes, in social media circles, I do talk and comment on things which aren’t about blogging. There are people (quite a few, I’m guessing) who want to connect with me as a blogger, but not necessarily listen to all my other rants.

On Twitter, it is what it is. I’ll just be myself and people either follow or not. On Facebook, it is quite easy to make that separation by using a fan page for my brand and a regular profile for me as a regular guy.

It goes deeper, too. What if I post pictures of my family on Facebook? Or talk with members of my family? Do I need to expose 1,500 of my blog readers to that? Is it potentially even a violation of their privacy to have that stuff sitting there like that? I’m a fairly open book, although there are things that don’t go to the Internet. But, my wife, kids and family didn’t sign up for being exposed to 1,500 people. And they certainly don’t care about any updates about blogging.

So, Here’s What I’m Doing

I’ve currently got almost 1,500 friends on my personal Facebook profile. I have over 50 pending requests and I haven’t accepted them because I’ve been thinking about how I want to handle this.

I have hired Social Identities to design some decent-looking images for my Facebook fan page. I plan to begin utilizing the fan page properly and start diverting public traffic from this blog into the fan page.

Which leaves me with all those friends sitting on my personal profile. What to do? Do I go drop everybody I don’t know? I certainly don’t want to come across as a douche, but perhaps that is something I’ll need to do at some point.

For now, I’m going to slowly transition into a separation of profiles on Facebook.

What Do You Think?

Obviously, the overwhelming majority of Twitter agrees with the separation of profiles. What do YOU think? Pros and cons?

Oh, and if you haven’t connected with me on Facebook, fan me up.