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7 Simple Tips For Blogging Faster [Without Caffeine]

We all know that content is important in blogging. Most bloggers are under pressure to produce more blog posts. I’m not sure why, but I…

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We all know that content is important in blogging. Most bloggers are under pressure to produce more blog posts.

speed_typing I’m not sure why, but I can generally produce a blog post pretty quickly. In most cases, I can write a typical post in 15-20 minutes. To me it is normal.

When I talk to other bloggers, I get varying levels of speed. Some bloggers are fast while others struggle to get even one post per week out the door. Couple into this the demands of normal life, and it is easy to conclude that time is the major bottleneck to your blogging success.

A Viewpoint on Time

The way I see it, time is completely arbitrary. It is in the eye of the beholder.

Have you ever seen a person who gets one task done in a day, then sit back, act tired and act like their day was full? I have. Grocery shopping seems to be the day’s goal. Time to relax after that.

On the flip side, you’ve got people who just get things done all day. They are fast. They are MACHINES. And others marvel at their productivity.

Same exact day. But, one person tackles the day in a completely different way.

Look at the hummingbird. The hummingbird flaps its wings 8-10 times per SECOND. Everywhere it goes, it goes fast. Another example: the common house fly. Wonder why you can’t ever catch the damn thing? Its concept of time is different than ours. We probably look like we’re moving like turtles comparatively.

So, the way I see it, it isn’t that we have a finite amount of time per day and it is a fixed quantity. It is our viewpoint of time which makes the difference.

It might be easier said than done, but I think its true to say this: Just change your viewpoint! You’re the one who makes time scarce for yourself!

Now, let’s put aside philosophy and talk about this more practically.

7 Tips For Faster Blogging

Here are some simple tips that I have found helped me over the years:

  1. Maintain an idea file. This is not new advice from me, but it really helps when you sit down and wonder what to write about. So, whenever an idea for a blog post enters your mind, record it. Do you have a smartphone? Well, surely it has the capability to record text/voice notes. So, either record it as an audio recording to yourself, or jot it down. Carry a notepad with you? Then jot it down there. Careful not to have your ideas spread all over different places because that only ads to the disorder.
  2. Keep your surroundings clean. The state of a person’s environment is a direct reflection of how they handle their own thoughts. They go hand in hand. For this reason, we are able to concentrate in orderly surroundings better than in a messy room. So, keep your writing space clean. Keep your office clean. You’ll find your production is higher.
  3. Read others. You should keep tabs on other related blogs using Google Reader. If you come across another person’s post which gives you an idea for a post of your own, then bookmark that post into a “To Blog” folder in your browser. Also, try to carve out some time to further your knowledge by reading. I just bought myself an Amazon Kindle so that I can digest more books. By reading more, you’ll find you get more ideas to write about. Plus, you’ll become a better writer.
  4. Consider voice-to-text. Most of us can talk faster than we write, so perhaps you want to try that. Have somebody transcribe it for you or use speech recognition software. Recently, Problogger posted an awesome video from Jon Morrow (from Copyblogger). You can check that out: Speech Recognition for Bloggers – The Ultimate Guide.
  5. Don’t worry, be crappy. In other words, don’t be a perfectionist. Blogging is a conversation, not a term paper. Don’t overthink your blog posts. Just write the idea you have in mind and let it flow.
  6. Plan Ahead. It is always harder when the pressure for the next post is always immediate. You can alleviate this by planning ahead. Plan your posts a week or more ahead of time. Then, as your time availability ebbs and flows, you’re not feeling pressured.
  7. Stay On Point. Some bloggers tend to wander all around their point, making a post which could have been only a few paragraphs instead turn into a long-winded piece of work. It isn’t necessary. If you can say what you have to say in 3 paragraphs, then post 3 paragraphs. Don’t artificially lengthen posts because you think you have to. You don’t. I once created a blog post which consisted of a few sentences and 3 bullet points. It worked.

So, what about you? Do you have any speed tips for bloggers? Please share in the comments below.

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