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Day 15: Floating Social Bar, from WPBeginner. #30plugins

Last Updated on June 1, 2016  


This is Day 15 of the 30 Days, 30 Killer WordPress Plug-ins Series.

Pretty much all bloggers want to display social media buttons on their blogs in order to enable readers to share, retweet, pin, etc. We WANT our readers to share our stuff so that it spreads the word and brings in new readers.

In order for those buttons to be used, there are three things that must be true:

  1. Your readers must be the kinds of people who actually use social networks.
  2. Your content must be of the kind which actually inspires people to share it because they’re moved, impressed, etc.
  3. It must be obvious and easy for your readers to share it.

#1 is something you have control over based on your selection of niche. You could also “train” your audience how – and why – to share your content socially.

#2 is up to you and your writing skills. Your skills in this regard are developed over time, so your best bet is to simply be aware. Be aware of the kinds of things people share, and be observant of how that content is put together. Then, do it yourself.

#3 is a technical matter, and that’s where I think the new Floating Social Bar plug-in, from WPBeginner, might be able to help you out.


What the plug-in does it very simple: It displays social media sharing buttons right beneath your post title and it does it automatically. Then, as your reader scrolls downward to read the post, the social buttons simply stay in place. As the buttons reach the top of the browser window, it will simply stop.

The result? The social media buttons are always within view. And that means more shares…. IF you’re also paying attention to #1 and #2 above.

If you want to see it in action, just look at this very blog post. If you’re indeed on the blog right now, scroll down. You’ll notice the buttons stay in place. That’s because I’m using Scrolling Social Bar.

A lot of bloggers like the Scrolling Social Sharebar plug-in, too. This plug-in does much the same thing, but it displays the buttons off to the left side of the blog post. It looks and works pretty nicely, although I have had conflicts with that plug-in. The other issue with it is that if your reader is on a narrow screen resolution, or has their browser window to a smaller dimension, it is possible that the social buttons will appear OFF-SCREEN.

The Floating Social Bar plug-in is a lot cleaner and it displays right inside the main content frame of your blog post. It is also programmed with load time in mind. It will display just fine on all screen resolutions.

You’d think it would work well, too, seeing as it is created by the guys at WPBeginner. And, they know their stuff. 🙂

So, check it out.


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  • Great plugin!.

    I was wondering what plugin was that badass srollingbar, now I know the answer.

    – Another one I like is flare.

    Thanks for this 30 day of killer plugins.


  • Steven Davis says:


    Thank you for this great series.

    A sidebar question, as a tech guy, why haven’t you used phplist as your core mail tool?


    • David Risley says:

      Because I’ve done the self-hosted email list thing before… and it was a BAD idea. 🙂


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