Forget About Selling Ebooks. Here’s Something Better…

So, let's do a tiny bit of math here. Yeah, I know. But, this is the fun kind of math. :-) So, a lot of bloggers think about selling an ebook to make money. They'll drop a brain bomb into a word processor and turn around and offer it for some low price. Let's say $17. Nice round-about price which ends in 7. Heheh... ;-) So, you go through all this work and you make some sales. Let's say you manage to sell 100 copies. Gross revenue $1,700. With me? Cool. Here's the problem...

So, let’s do a tiny bit of math here.¬†Yeah, I know. But, this is the fun kind of math. ūüôā

So, a lot of bloggers think about selling an ebook¬†to make money. They’ll drop a brain bomb into¬†a word processor and turn around and offer it for¬†some low price.

Let’s say $17. Nice round-about price which¬†ends in 7. Heheh… ūüėČ

So, you go through all this work and you make¬†some sales. Let’s say you manage to sell 100¬†copies. Gross revenue $1,700.

With me? Cool.

Here’s the problem…

Once you’ve sold it, you’re DONE. No more¬†revenue coming in unless you keep pitching it¬†to your list over and over again. That can get¬†annoying really fast.

In other words, you go through all this work to make a single sale, then you likely have nothing else to sell them.

Now, let’s consider turning the SAME basic¬†topic into a nano continuity model. Let’s say¬†you’ll charge $4.99/month.

Since it is continuity, you’ll add ongoing forms¬†of value. An email list to keep them up to date¬†on your topic, perhaps a forum or email group¬†for them to interact.

So, if you sell the same 100 people, that’s¬†about $500 in your pocket.

Per month.

And, done right, it is almost on autopilot.

Now, don’t you think you’ll be able to sell more¬†on an “impulse buy” basis? The risk is so low¬†that, in all likelihood, the answer is yes.

So, let’s say you’re able to enroll 200. Even maybe¬†300 people in the same span of time.

That’s $1,000 to $1,500 PER MONTH.

And it’ll keep growing. Keep compounding. The¬†income stream gets higher. And the retention rate¬†is pretty high because you’re providing value and¬†it is a small amount of money that they don’t worry¬†about.

Realize that all you’ve done is repurposed what you¬†WERE going to put into a PDF file, and instead split¬†it up into an ongoing model. Or perhaps you sell the ebook at a cheaper price, and offer nanocontinuity¬†along with it.

Either way, you’ve just increased the perceived¬†value of your offer, reduced the perceived risk, and¬†set yourself up a recurring revenue stream which¬†will add up over time.


The mainstream blogging business model of the future.

Of course, you’ve got to do it right, otherwise things could backfire on you…

Check this out. Learn more about Nano Continuity.

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  1. Right iam a football blogger and i dn’t know if many people would want this but then gain m stil new and have one big question, how do you st up to sell on your blog? like what do i need paypal what what and any other tips,,,,,thanx in advance

  2. This business model reminds me of Pre-internet courses which¬†promoted: don’t write a book,¬†offer a 6/12 month course by breaking up your
    chapters and selling it for p/m cost –¬†or: write a book – and then offer more info in¬†a 6/12 supplementary course.

    Some things never change. Nothing is new. It’s¬†just the packaging and delivery that’s evolved.

    It’s a bit like offering your blog by subscription¬†which btw Amazon offers now for Kindles.

    Content quality is in the hands of it creators. If your motto is to offer genuine value and your goal reciprocates, then content value will be
    what your customers get and they’ll stay.¬†

    I subscribed to a membership site because it was an upsell from a product I thought worthy and delivered on its promise. I stopped subscribing because the membership site was full of repeated products, including the product which had inspired me to subscribe in the first place. There was little substance to the membership site, definitely nothing new, and I felt cheated; my original trust broken.

    As for stack-em-high-sell-em-cheap brokers: I’ve¬†bought rotten fruit from them the few times I’ve¬†ventured in. Quality counts – even at low prices.¬†Here in the UK we have a department chain which began in¬†the C19th selling tinkery and tip-bits for a penny each from a market barrow.¬†Everything sold on that barrow was simple but quality – and grew that¬†market barrow into a multi-million ¬£Pound bricks-and-mortar sales empire that¬†it is today. Motto? Quality sells. Quality inspires.

    Nano-nino-continuity! Whatever it is, Quality sells Рand keeps selling because quality includes integrity Рthe two nurture and create the other.

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