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      • October 14, 2021 at 12:24 pm #3533512

        greeting everyone,

        I am just thinking out loud, and would love any input or help on how to implement this idea.

        I am using affiliateWP and they allow me to create a landing page on my site for affiliates to promote. If I want all my members to be able to promote this way, that would be a lot of pages to create. hence me thinking of a way to implement this feature on a dynamic url or on pages that already exist like member profile page.

        example from AffiliateWP doc: Sasha can now promote a URL of

        I would either like to create a product page displaying a list of pricing tables for my memberships and have a dynamic url be created for all members so that every member can promote there own page.

        or seeing buddyboss creates a profile page for each user, perhaps add the product pricing table to every buddyboss users profile page.

        What are all your thoughts about this idea, good bad any feedback is welcome?

        Is it even possible? and is there a way to implement this?

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