Best way to deliver Lead Magnets/Content Upgrades

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      • June 19, 2020 at 10:29 am #2521724

        At present, I am using two different methods to deliver my lead magnets and content upgrades to readers (both methods require the reader to opt-in, so both are adding to my email list):

        1.) Give an on-screen “Success!” message and use my email marketing software to send them the item (on automation, and Tag them, add them to a Group etc.)

        2.) Use a page redirect to a dedicated “Thank You” + Download page for each LM/CU.

        I’m unclear as to which is best and why that would be. I can see pros and cons for both.

        I started using my email list to deliver, but more recently, I think I picked up the dedicated ‘download’ page idea either from the BMA or Thrive Themes as ‘best practice’. (One issue with option 2 is I then have to hide all download pages from my site search.)

        Going forward to keep things organised, I’d like to have all LMs/CUs being delivered the same way. But I want to understand all the pros and cons (ones I’m not aware of) in order to decide which route to take.

        What do you recommend – and why??


        • June 19, 2020 at 10:29 am #2521752

          I think it would depend on your goal. For a simple content upgrade, I think a success message would be fine. Better yet, instead of just a little popup “Success” which means nothing, you could even give them another “state” on the form so that you can custom tailor the message and yet still not remove them from the blog post they were on.

          For a more full-feature lead magnet where you might have a funnel behind it, that’s where you’d want to take them to a dedicated page.

          You don’t necessarily have to have all of them delivered the same way. That would be optional.

          In my opinion, a full page that just says “Thanks” and gives a link to download would be rather useless.. I would only bring to a dedicated page if there was a reason to do so. Like, a next step.

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