Content restriction for BuddyBoss pages ans elements

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      • January 25, 2023 at 8:10 am #3538750

        I’m building a community using Surecart+Suremembers+Buddyboss+LearnDash, among other plugins.

        BuddyBoss doesn’t include a built-in feature to restrict BB pages depending on the user’s subscription status.

        I’m talking about pages like Members, Groups, etc., and the menu items of the member’s profile (Timeline, Profile, Connections, Photos, etc.).

        I don’t want that a user that just registered to my site through a newsletter can access information from the members of the community. So I want to limit access depending on each user’s Suremember group access (or an alternative).

        Furthermore, if I create a public page with public forums, like the one in The Blog Marketing Academy, anybody can access members’ profiles through the links on the discussion messages. Even Google could index it. I want the discussions to be pubic but not the members info.

        I noticed that most content restriction plugins can’t protect those elements either.

        I tried Suremembers, but it failed to protect the Members, Groups, or Forums pages. I only could hide the items in the menu, but anybody that knows the URL could get there.

        On the other hand, the menu items of the member’s profile (Timeline, Profile, Connections, Photos, etc.) are not available pages that can be protected if BuddyBoss doesn’t build these features themselves (as far as I understand).

        I wonder if there is another plugin or an alternative way to solve this limitation. Maybe another content restriction plugin? WP Fusion?


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