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      • September 26, 2021 at 8:11 am #3533211

        I am thinking about lead magnets and the option of offering a downloadable PDF vs “content reveal.” Maybe I am not saying that right, but in exchange for a person’s email, they can see some blocked content. Are there any pros/cons in the method of delivering the content?

        All I can think of is having more flexibility with having multiple lead magnets in the form of PDFs. The “content reveal” would force the user to make a password to get access to the content, and then all of a sudden I am managing members.

        Is there any research in the appeal of the delivery – PDF, content reveal, or even video? Also thinking of more people using mobile phones to access content and the preferred experience there. I am curious to hear other’s feedback, thanks!

        • September 26, 2021 at 8:11 am #3533218

          Well, usually a “content reveal” setup would not require passwords. It would be entering an email and then the content just appears right in place. Various systems like Thrive Leads (if I recall) can do that. The main drawback is that, in a lot of cases, the protected content is actually there in the HTML so the nerds out there could find it if they look at your code. In reality, few would do that or even know how and, frankly, it wouldn’t matter if they did. 🙂

          Yes, the free member account route is also an option. But, I don’t think I would do that unless you had other reasons you wanted them to have an account. Here at BMA, I do a free membership but clearly this site is a membership site. So, it makes sense. If you had no intentions for a membership site, I don’t think I’d bother with user accounts just to give lead magnets away.

          I’d probably just stick with PDFs or just direct them to a private page URL for delivery after opt-in.

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