Fluent CRM – who is it not right for?

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      • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3523988

        So I just read your article on Fluent CRM David.

        I actually just switched to Drip from GetResponse based on knowing you were using it, and I really like it. But, I had a feeling you could make a move like this 😉 so I didn’t pay for a full year just yet, just month to month for now.

        Usually, you’d add in something in your article about who a particular tool or platform is not right for. So I’d really like to know who that would be in the case of Fluent CRM.

        My biggest concern is also ConvertBox: in your Convertbox course, you mentioned that if you went with the webhook approach, you wouldn’t be able to have that two-way integration with your CRM.

        So pretty concerned about that. I see all the reasons Fluent CRM makes sense, but I’m just wondering … who is it not right for?

        • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524140

          Also missing more in depth infos on Fluent, except from the latest email in my inbox.

          When does the lifetime deal end?

          Is it planned to get some training in the labon how to handle the software ?

          Does it make economical sense to get this Fluent when you have 3-5 sites on aweber autoresponder (i.e. would need to get the 5 license pack and also migrate the number of sites), not taking into account the man hours for the migration and the costs of the emails themselves?

          I´m a big fan of lifetime deals and appreciated the heads up! But I feel a bit lost with a decision to buy something I am not confident I will ever successfully use.


          Well, I overlooked this blogpost:


          I assume many questions (except perhaps the last sentence with feeling lost with the switch) are probably in that blogpost….

          • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524143

            It was not possible to edit a second time.

            I just purchased the Fluent CRM and will figure out the rest later (it´s a lifetime deal after all)

            A heads-up for anyone thinking about it:

            * Offer expires on 14 October

            (from here https://fluentcrm.com/lifetime-deal/?utm_source=wpmanageninja_deal&utm_medium=manageninja&utm_campaign=fluentcrm_launch&crm_deal=69 after the purchase)

            • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524153

              Yeah – I think I’ll pick up the single site deal. I’m a sucker for a good LTD!

              I only hope they integrate with ThriveCart and Thrive Themes.

              I think workarounds can be done with webhooks? (I’m not that knowlegable on the tech) but would be surprised if they didn’t integrate with both as both are popular. But I’d rather direct integration.

              There’s plenty of requests in the FB group for Thrive Themes but not for ThriveCart.

              ThriveCart is my only cart – so its crucial they integrate with that to make this a worthwhile investment for me.

              I don’t need integration right now either – as long as I know both are coming I’ll buy.


              • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524160

                I don’t really think FluentCRM would NOT be right for anybody in particular. The big thing is that it is just really early in it’s product cycle. So, this is definitely one of those things that, if you decide to buy it, you’re investing for later. That said, if you don’t really do any fancy automations yet and mainly do broadcasts, it does all that now.

                But, I am not an expert on it yet. I wrote that blog post not as an official recommendation, but just to make people aware of it and my thought process.

                As for Thrivecart integration… yes you could do that directly with webhooks. But, I would imagine they’ll eventually put together something a little more “official” in that regard. Also, if you use something like WP Fusion (which, yes, is another plug-in), then it’ll do it already so you wouldn’t need any official integration from FluentCRM.

                • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524186

                  I purchased Convertkit some time ago-prematurely to be honest as my site wasn’t up and running and I’ve barely used it.

                  Would this be a better option than Convertkit-especially for a newbie non techy like myself?

                  • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524189

                    I’ve not used FluentCRM myself, just read their docs. I can see a time, in the future, when a newbie non-techie with a small audience could find this a LOT less expensive than the professional-level eCRMs like Drip (I use) and Convertkit. That said, I have hosted my own mail servers before — with 50K subscribers. It was WORK! While Amazon SES makes a lot of that simpler, there are setup and almost certain bugs/issues that will arise with FluentCRM the way it is handling things that a non-techie will almost certainly need support to unfurl. And the configuration seems non-trivial, too.

                    There’s a lot to building a business, as you know. Saving money is one of those parts of the ecosystem that is important. But, also distractions are expensive, and to me this particular offering feels premature for new start-ups. It’s premature for me. I’m passing even on spending the $99 because, well, if they as a company are going to thrive, they will need to grow longer term and offer a service worth EITHER a higher lifetime cost, or a monthly cost that relative to their offering is a huge savings or benefit over the other competitors. I’d welcome that day. Until then, using a potent, well-integrated tool like Drip or ConvertKit would seem more sensible of time, energy, AND money to me. The only exception might be is if you were already hiring David for “done for you” consulting and you’d leverage what he’s going to be learning from his own installation. ~Rick

                    • October 8, 2020 at 1:31 pm #3524208

                      Good point, Rick. It is a matter of preference. For me, investing a fairly small amount of money now for the strong possibility of being able to save a bunch later is worth it. There are other benefits to having the list in-house as well. Not just savings.

                      But, yes, there’s no doubt there will be a bit of DIY involved. Once the setup is done, tho, it should work fine. The developer has mentioned that he’s been working with somebody sending about 300K emails using FluentCRM and it is working. They’ve been working on the performance of such, but the fact that it is capable of doing that is a good sign.

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