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      • September 30, 2021 at 1:41 pm #3533348


        Today in “Further things I don’t understand, despite looking at them for quite some time.” How are you folks handling GDPR compliance?

        Having poked about I’m seeing a wide variety of stances, and responses. It looks as though a large number of modern blogs simply aren’t using cookie banners, and are just resorting to putting something in their terms of service page.

        For right now, I’m using Fluent CRM
        Google Site Kit (v4 of google analytics with anonymized IP’s)
        and something called TruConversion.

        Obviously I’d prefer to just leave things in the terms and services folder then delete their entries from Fluent CRM upon request (truconversion has a button you can refer them to)

        But what are folks doing about the initial cookie consent?

        And what about getting that information away from google in the case of a request?

        GDPR cookie Compliance plugin?

        Obviously none of this is legal advice, but it would be helpful to know how other folks are handling it.

        There’s just a mountain of stuff out there to read and I’m just not finding a lot of clear advice.

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