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      • April 6, 2021 at 4:09 pm #3526755

        Hello 🙂

        I’m new here, my English is not the best so I will not write a lot, but if I see something I can help, I will try.

        I read some threads about courses and platforms… I have one course in Udemy, it was to understand if people search for it or not… well it is not the most wanted but… not the worst.

        Udemy payments are terrible, it is good to understand that Udemy is not for making money. In my case it is for people to know me. My name is Vanda Cruz, my Website is vandacruz.com, and facebook profile is vandacruz. It is easy for students to find me. But we don’t have the leads, that is true.

        I have the same course in “Podia”, it is a platform like teachable, or thinkific… I have the course there just because I don’t know enough to use LearnDash, it is to much for me at the moment, but LearnDash is my goal. I hope I can do it before June, this year.

        I am creating my wordpress website, and for leads I decided to create a quiz, so that is the fight of the moment.

        I also created a Youtube channel, I already have 6 subscribers 😀

        I’m sorry if I said to much, I feel like I told you all my life… 🙂

        And by the way, I am Portuguese, from a little town near Lisbon – Sesimbra.

        • April 6, 2021 at 4:09 pm #3526766

          Welcome to the community, Vanda. 🙂

          Learndash isn’t that hard. I can answer questions when you feel it is the right time.

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