Hide My WP Ghost – is security via obscurity a good approach?

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      • December 29, 2021 at 7:25 pm #3534029

        So I’ve seen a whole bunch of reviews about this plugin (https://hidemywpghost.com/) saying it is amazing and some even saying its the best security plugin of the year. And I admit the idea does seem to offer up a really nice idea, just simply hide the fact that you’re using wordpress at all.

        But, plugin compatibility doesn’t seem to be universal, and I have seen a few plugins that don’t work as expected when its switched on, so this is what first had me really questioning if I should just refund, and just keep going with the more traditional security plugin approach I have been following before now.

        But as mentioned earlier, there are mentions here and there that it really isn’t a recommended approach to do this obscurity for security purposes, but they’re always just mentions, and try as I might I can’t seem to actually find an article that actually gives some definitive information on this.

        So basically I’d like to get your opinion David, because you’ve been in the wordpress game far longer than I have, so I’m hoping you have a much more holistic view on wordpress security.

        Is this approach to the degree which HMWG seems to implement it a good idea, or is it just more issues just waiting to happen?

        If anyone else has any thoughts ideas or comments?


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