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  • How am I going to monetize this specific niche

    Posted by Brandon Colson on July 9, 2020 at 11:33 pm

    So, I have been doing a lot of research (thanks to this site 😁) on how to build a blog based on substance abuse and its relations to mental illness. Primarily ADHD, since thats affected my life immesnely. I have a Human Bio B.S. and a metric butt-ton of knowledge on these subjects, a lot from experiences, my own research, as well as my counseling and therapy sessions. I think its specific enough, but Im not exactly a therapist. Im confident in my knowledge, but what would I be marketing? Theres not too much affilate marketing, and the big thing with this site is making a course, or your own services. But what would that be thats not going to be in the blog?

    Thanks btw, this site is awesome and I plan on purchasing the Lab membership tomorrow, assuming I can get this going.

    Brandon Colson replied 2 years, 2 months ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • Brandon Colson

    July 9, 2020 at 11:51 pm

    Lett me clarify a bit, I want to help people who are struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. A lot of people might have just come to a diagnosis, and are looking for help. Myself, I wasnt diagnosed until about 7 months ago with ADHD – I, and Im 27, mainly because I made it through high school/college, albeit on my own schedule.

    I can help people with coping mechanisms, how to avoid relapse, partly by keeping a mental illness under control, how to cope with the fact that a mental illness may have caused this downward life spiral. What to do what theyre feeding off of each other. Where to get help. How to help yourself. Why it causes addiction (for ADHD, low dopamine, hyperfocusing, thrill seeking, ordinary life is dull) Etc etc

    I know there are a lot of people interested. One example, I posted a colorful image describing the differences between the types of ADHD, as well as couple captions from a popular adult ADHD book (Driven to Distraction – Ned Hallowell), which included symptoms that arent very well known. This was posted on Imgur, solely for a reddit private chat. Not meant for the public lol. All of a sudden, its at 5k likes and hundreds of comments of “do I have ADHD” “that sounds like me omg” “me/my loved on has ADHD and this has opened my eyes to how they work” “Im not a lazy fuck after all” etc.

    This is solely ADHD. Addiction is maybe a bigger pain point, because of how rapidly it throws your life into complete chaos, and its very noticable. No need for a diagnosis, you know if youre an addict.

    The people are there. The help is wanted, from those affected and their loved ones. So how do I do it, and make my own living from it?

  • David Risley

    July 12, 2020 at 10:59 am

    The best advice I could give on this is not to think in terms of the product, but think in terms of the person. Put yourself into their shoes and look at what problems they are having and then, lead to what kind of offers you could make. Trying to come into it from the product side (i.e. “What should I sell?” ) is a much more difficult way to go and it is easy to get it wrong.

    And keep in mind, you can narrow it down to a more specific person. Unfortunately, ADHD has basically become this generic label that people use for what I think, in most cases, is just habits like video games, social media, eating like crap, etc. It is a generic label. Very clear, too, because you saw people see the graphic you made and think “do I have it?”. That’s the issue. Very generic and non-specific by nature. SO… simply tackling ADHD as a niche is also going to be very generic. I would narrow it down. College students having a hard time concentrating on studies? Parents who have kids who are tech addicted? Etc.

    My opinion, anyway.

  • Brandon Colson

    July 12, 2020 at 11:58 am

    Yes, thats very good advice, in terms of thinking about it the other way around. Im working at solving my own life right now, so that should be some sort of hint lol.

    Also, Id like to clarify a bit. Im an opiate addict in recovery. I was diagnosed with ADHD after the billionth relapse, a few months into sobriety. Honestly, that diag changed the way I think about myself, my addiction, and path moving forward.

    Thats why I was specifically going to do the blog with the focus on addicts, who have ADHD, or other (diagnosed or undiagnosed) mental illnesses that contributed to addiction. Is this not narrow enough though? A blog about specifically dual diagnoses with addiction? Maybe like, millenials like myself (27m), a college kid who got in with the wrong people? 18-40 maybe?

    Also, yeahhhh ADHD is rough man. Undiag’d in adults, over diag’d in children. I know for a 100% fact that I have it, after months of therapy and research. But its tough, as unlike a lot of mental illnesses, it just looks like a normal person who cant do adulting things lol, or cant get their shit together. People have said symptoms sound like a horoscope, because its stuff most people deal with once in a while, but not magnified 10 fold, and constantly. The diagnostics state “they have to have most of these symptoms, consistantly, thats negatively affecting daily life.

    Where people think, its caused by lack of focus sometimes. Nah, thats a symptom. Its caused by low dopamine, which means not enough dopamine doing menial tasks (HW, cleaning, shopping, this is called exrcutive dysfunction) so brain looks for dopamine hits, finds it, hyperfocuses on it, sucks it dry, then drops it (I have more interests and hobbies than I can count). Except drugs are hard to drop, as well as other thrill seeking activities. This coupled with a lack of impulse control, and bam, an addict forms. Yay me 😂😭. (Btw, I know Im to blame for my addiction, this is not an excuse, but a reason, and ways to understand myself and cope)

    It sucks, ADHD can be masked as anxiety or depression superficially caused by ADHD, so its hard to be diagnosed sometimes. Or, like you said, people look at symptoms, say to themselves, I cant focus sometimes, is this me? I believe some people who said that on my post might have ADHD, but a lot might just be reaching. And social media/technology hasnt made this this issue better, since its lack of focus and motivation thats environmentally caused.

    I realize I just ranted a bit, but youre right in a sense, its ambiguous unless you go to therapy and get diagnosed, and it becomes a blanket term people use to describe random lack of focus.

    So what does that mean in terms of a blog, Im going to really have to reach out to people who are diagnosed already, who are having a hard time dealing with it? Otherwise, Im diagnosing them, basing off of addiction, really, and telling them they have a problem, and try to solve it, which doesnt work, right? I believe 100% that I can help people with information. Therapy is really the only “product” I’ve used, aside from organizational stuff, calendars, planners, alarms. And of course my recovery tools, counseling, rehabs, coping mechanisms etc. Working backwards, I would have wanted to know I had ADHD way back before I got into drugs, mostly after I graduated college, and known how to cope w it. But that goes back to creating their problems.

    Idk, you gave me a lot to think about. Im debating switching niches, but Im knowledgable and passionate about this, so idk. Ill have to think on how to narrow it further I guess.

    Thanks for the reply though, and I’m sorry for the book reply 😁

  • Rick Wilkes

    July 12, 2020 at 5:48 pm

    As David said, think about the person… especially where they are on their healing journey. For example, if you look at specific emotional points along your journey, that can give you clues about what a person might be feeling… the pain, the confusion, the relief.

    Blog post, for example: “What do you mean I have ADHD? I thought I was just an addict!”

    Using yourself as your marketing “avatar” is something a lot of people who want to help others heal do. (Same is true for those in personal growth.) It has its traps, though. You’ll want to make sure you recognize that each individual has their own take, their own needs, their own trauma history.

    There’s a worksheet in the LAB vault on affiliate marketing. That can be one way to start providing suggestions to readers where other experts are the ones offering the products.


  • Brandon Colson

    July 12, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    I see, this is good, thanks for the reply. Im definitely going to check that link out.

    Yeah, each persons recovery is different, so different things work. I was going to make it more authoritative, but idk how much that would work. And I like that title, it seems to give more credit to being a brand, I think.

    Its all gunna depend on how they view it. Like David said, its used as a blanket term, outside of diagnosis, so theres different pain points? Yeah, its a lot to think about.

    Also, is there something to be said about competing on google with high ranking authoritative sites like mayo clinic etc? Even if paying for traffic, id still want some organic traffic, id think?

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