I’m back, well sort of

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      • March 7, 2023 at 3:11 pm #3540904

        Hello David,

        How are you my friend. I am glad to hear you were able to take a cruise, get away and have some fun.

        I was away due to a work-related neck injury. It happened over a year ago. I have been out of work since and I just had neck surgery, I am still recovering. I will be starting physical therapy later this month.

        I had my cloudways server downgraded seeing I was not able to finish the website. I actually had 2 site setups I was working on, and was going to choose the best one. one site was a single site, and the other was a wordpress multi-site.

        I recently went to check on the sites finally and do a few things to them. But a lot has broken and I also lost a lot of functionality due to plug-ins subscriptions running out. I spent over $1,000 on all plug-ins and can not afford to update them, and if I only update 1 of these there becomes the incompatibility issue that will only in turn break the site even further.

        The worst loss comes from Elementor Pro, when I purchased it they said one can still use pro blocks if you do not renew your subscription, they changed their policy and now Pro Blocks are unavailable. I am very disappointed with them.

        my tech stack, Kadence theme for multi-site main site and buddy boss theme for multi-site 2nd site for members area. single site includes BuddyBoss Pro theme and for plug-ins: BuddyBoss Pro Plug-in, Fluent CRM Pro, Fluent Support Pro [lifetime support] Fluent Forms Pro, Fluent SMT, Elementor Pro, WpFusion Pro, Lifter LMS, Woocomerce, Woo-Subscriptions, and AffiliateWP along with a few others free ones.

        all these are outdated now, and if I upgrade the free versions the site breaks even worse than the issues I am having now.

        I learned valuable lessons here, So I am going to have to start back at the beginning and re-evaluate everything. I have been reading your newsletters faithfully and seems like you are re-evaluating as well, which has gotten me thinking really hard. My website’s set-up is very close to yours, except in a different field [personal development]. My values about sovereignty will play a big part (as it has been) on the remodeling, but now adding in site speed, future-proofing on the cheap along with less is more concept.

        I really love BuddyBoss: but it is a resource hog, and very costly. I hate to say it, but I too have to ditch it, For if I was to keep it the way it is, I would have outdated WordPress, theme, plug-ins, many bugs to work around, and multiple safety concerns. I also love Elementor: I hate to ditch it, but I’m most likely going to have to. I also love Fleunt CRM Pro, combined with WPFusion Pro so very much, but at this time it is too costly, So it has to go (cry) I will most likely go to those two.

        I will be using the free Kadence Theme as I am familiar with it, from using it on the multi-sites main site. I will need a free block builder, any free recommendation will be appreciated for the budget is very tight. As for plug-ins I will be using: Fluent CRM, Fluent Form, Fluent support Pro[lifetime], Fluent SMTP, LifterLMS, and WooCommerce.

        Question if may? I am now starting to get spam e-mails sent from my website, to my inbox. so it is like I am sending myself an email. I updated Fluent SMTP but it is still happening. Any ideas on how to stop or prevent this?

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