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        buddyboss theme and platform






        Greetings Dave and everyone here,

        I been using wordpress for about 2 years now, but been building websites for over 12 years now. however I am extremely new to using fluentCRM, wpFusion, affiliatewp, and woo subscriptions.

        I am starting to build a membership site utilizing my 2 url’s.

        first site (short url) will consist of home page, about us page, contact page and blog.

        second site (longer url) will consist of shop, courses, e-mail marketing, and membership.

        reason for using 2 url’s I got “yourpdp” for the first url the pdp stands for personal development platform, hence the reason I went for the second url “yourpersonaldevelopmentplatform”.

        the website actually started off under a different name “fivetemples” but decided to change it after fiddling around with it for close to 2 years.


        I will be using wpfusion for the membership like you did Dave, (great job by the way).

        I do have a few questions if you and or members here don’t mind helping me out with.


        My first question is is there a certain order i should start configuring these plug-ins or a preferred order that you use?

        my second question is do you think i will need uncanny automator, I am not really sure why i would, need it. from my research it seems like people are using it with similar tech stacks. My main reason for asking is I spent quit a bit already and funds are getting a little low atm. perhaps when site starts bringing in an income i can get it.



        • October 12, 2021 at 4:11 pm #3533493

          Not sure what you mean by “order”. You can set them up in any order you want.

          And, I wouldn’t get Uncanny Automator right now. Very good chance you won’t need it. Plus, if you did need something like that, AutomatorWP is also there and does a lot for free. So, I would wait until there’s an actual need before purchasing anything.

            • October 12, 2021 at 4:11 pm #3533495

              Thank you David,

              your assumption of my meaning of the word order was correct, sorry for any confusion.

              I actually have another quick question if you don’t mind, when I have a brand new user sign up should i have them sign up via wordpress which adds them as a subscriber, or should i have them sign up through woocommerce that adds them as a customer? I plan on having a free membership and a paid membership.

              • October 12, 2021 at 4:11 pm #3533498

                There are a number of ways to do that with the software stack you’re looking at using.

                FluentCRM, for instance, can automatically keep WP users and FCRM accounts in sync. So, your best bet for freebies is to just have them opt-in using an opt-in form and then you can use an automation to create their user profile.

                WooCommerce also has a setting for that, and WP Fusion can sync things up, too.

              • October 12, 2021 at 4:11 pm #3533511

                Thank you Dave.

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